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why pinterest?

Your people are on Pinterest. They’re using it to learn, shop, plan & be inspired. They ought to be seeing, loving & sharing your content, but instead they’re just sharing everyone else’s.

Making your efforts go farther. Way farther. 

Evergreen Content, Anyone?

Pinterest likes fresh content – not necessarily new content. Blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube videos & Instagram posts from years ago can be uploaded & repurposed as long as they’re still relevant. Your work is pinned again & again, gaining momentum for seasons. 

Your Roadmap

So What Goes Into A Traffic-Driving Pinterest Account?

Initial set-up. This includes a few back-end tasks done in your Pinterest account & WordPress.

Decide target areas. What will your account be all about? If you already have an arsenal of content, then you’ve already determined this for your brand. If you’re a service-based business without content already created, you’ll have to decide how content creation will fit into your marketing plan.

Upload your content. There is a right & wrong way to do this. Luckily, the right way is very simple! In the beginning, this will be a heavy lift for blogs & content creators with a lot of content. But once it’s done, the maintenance is a breeze.



It doesn’t have to be a mystery

Pinterest doesn’t have to be a big mystery. Unlike other platforms (I’m looking at you, Instagram), Pinterest shares exactly what they want from creators. They even share annual transparency reports & current best practices for creators. 

What a gift Pinterest gives to its contributors! 

Now Is The
Right Time ​

Pinterest recently announced changes that it’s favoring creators who are uploading fresh content.  

This doesn’t mean new content – if you’re new to Pinterest for traffic, then this is the perfect time to get started sharing all of your still-valuable content, even if it’s years old.

Let’s go

What kind of results can you expect? 

There’s no exact formula that can predict how many people you’ll reach on Pinterest. The Pinterest facts we do have: 

  • 335 million monthly users 
  • Four of the top areas of interest in 2020 are conscience consumption, internationally inspired, responsible travel & rewilding 

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