There are a million blog posts on optimizing your Pinterest account, doing keyword research, and avoiding pitfalls like the spam blocker (dun-dun-DUN). 

…yet the off-Pinterest Pinterest tasks are often totally overlooked. 

We’ve all been guilty of this, but now it’s finally time to dust off these basic Pinterest to-dos that have been sitting on your to-do list!   

Whether you’re brand new to Pinterest, just re-igniting your strategy, or you’re finally checking some long-overlooked boxes, these easy steps are going to rake in more Pinterest exposure for your brand. 

1. Add Pinterest To Your Website 

Everyone has the Instagram icons plastered on their website, right? Well Pinterest is 1000x more powerful than Instagram in this sense: if someone from your website follows you on Pinterest, they’re going to be shown your pins and continually funneled back into your website. 

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy of traffic. Cue the confetti cannon!

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Add your Pinterest account to a few key real estate areas on your website and you’ll be naturally funneling every visitor through the Pinterest pipeline.

Screenshot of Pinterest account icons in the footer and sidebar of a website
You’re going to naturally funnel people into your account by setting up the infrastructure

Add your Pinterest account icons in these places: 

  • Your about page 
  • Your contact page 
  • The social icons on your sidebar 
  • Your footer 

Now with that structure built into your website, you need to take it a step further.

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2. Add Share Buttons To Your Blog Posts 

When it comes to getting more bang for your buck with Pinterest, more than ANYTHING, you want website visitors to save your blog posts when they’re on your website. 

That’s because when someone saves something to Pinterest from your website, it’s even MORE powerful than saving on Pinterest itself (to the Pinterest algorithm).

Remind website readers *constantly* to save by adding a pin-it button ON your images, at the TOP of your blog posts, and the SIDE.

This example is from The Mindful Mocktail

Blogging life hack: Speaking of social shares, did you know that you can get automatic social shares every single time you publish a blog post? I had major FOMO when I discovered this. Set this up today (it’s free!).

Bonus points if your share buttons show a count of how many times a piece of content has been saved! That adds a little special sauce of social validation. If loads of people are loving your content and sharing it, it must be good, huh?!

My personal record is a blog post that (to date) has been shared more than 400,000 times (mostly on Pinterest).

screenshot of social share count from Grow plugin reading 445,822 shares of one single blog post
How would it feel to have this many shares on your most important piece of content?

The secret to this super-high reshare count? Viral topic + many pins for the same URL.

3. Invite Your Instagram Followers Via Stories 

Instagram used to only allow accounts with 10,000+ followers include a link in their stories, but since this feature was opened up to all accounts, this is a huge opportunity!

Instagram itself will almost never be a real traffic driver to your blog. BUT, if you can capture people’s attention long enough to get them to follow you on Pinterest, you tap into a real opportunity for them to see and engage with your pins.

Try something like this: 

Who here’s on Pinterest?! I just re-launched my Pinterest account and will be sharing unique content there. Would love to connect with you [link] 

Here’s an example from my own Instagram account. When I was close to 15,000 Pinterest followers, I invited my Instagram followers to follow.

Screenshot of Instagram stories inviting viewers to follow you on Pinterest
You worked hard to build your social following. Tap into it!

Even with a small Instagram following (just over 2,000), I got a wave of new people on Pinterest.

Remember: people WANT to support you. Let them know how easy it can be!

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4. Share Your Account On LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a great place to invite your community into your Pinterest ecosystem and spark a conversation with other brand owners. 

It’s not the place for “come follow me” posts, so try something more conversational like this: 

Screenshot of a LinkedIn post with the text: "What’s your favorite marketing platform for growing your audience/business? When I first began [brand name], I focused mostly on [X platform] for growth but now I’m launching a Pinterest strategy. I’d love to connect with you there and hear your favorite platform for growth [your Pinterest account link]"
Are you on LinkedIn?! Let’s connect! I post there daily

Feel free to copy and paste directly and use:

What’s your favorite marketing platform for growing your audience/business? When I first began [brand name], I focused mostly on [X platform] for growth but now I’m launching a Pinterest strategy. I’d love to connect with you there and hear your favorite platform for growth [your Pinterest account link] 

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5. Share On Facebook

I’m talking your personal AND your business page (if you have a page for your brand). 

Your friends are probably already on Pinterest, and they’d be happy to support your brand there. They’re also more likely to interact and engage with your pins when they see them (“hey, isn’t that from so-and-so?!”), which will create a snowball effect within the algorithm. 

Remember: the more people engage with your content on Pinterest, the more Pinterest will show it to people. This is why it’s so important to take these steps to invite your existing audience into your Pinterest ecosystem! 

Try this text:

Pinterest is more than just recipes and tattoos nowadays… It’s also where you’ll be seeing some of my own blog content! Are you on Pinterest? Could you take a minute to support me by hitting follow? It’s small but it’s SO impactful for me [link]

Want to make sure your Pinterest account is perfect before inviting your network to follow? Get a Pinterest audit!

Screenshot of Pinterest analytics up 485% with text that reads "1-on-1 Pinterest audit"
It’s the complete Pinterest package

6. Add Pinterest To Your Automated Emails 

Does your email service provider have a footer with social links in it? Most do, and this is a perfect place to drop your Pinterest account link. 

After all, your emails are automated and sent on 24/7 autopilot. Building your Pinterest following should be just as effortless.

Need help keeping your email list going? I use the as the foundation for my emails and 100% recommend it. These email templates have saved me SO much time. 

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7. Add Pinterest To Your Normal Email Footer 

Your normal email (the ones that AREN’T sent out via an email service provider and just go out via Gmail) can nurture just the same.

If you use Gmail, you can follow these steps to add a footer automatically to every email. 

Screenshot of Pinterest invitation in email footer
An email footer takes 2 minutes to set up and works for you for years

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8. Drop That Link Into Any Group Chats… 

Do you have a group chat of blogging comrades? Family? Maybe just old friends that keep in touch and share life updates with each other?

Tap into your support system by asking them to follow you on Pinterest and encouraging them to engage with your content when they see it.

You can use this script:

This may sound random, but you know I’ve been blogging and trying to get traffic to my website. A big part of that is growing on Pinterest, and I’d be really thrilled if you would follow my account and click around / save a pin here or there when you see it! It’s small but it’s SO impactful and would mean the world! [link]

How many of these steps have you completed already?! And what’s helped you grow your Pinterest account the most? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Do you like Pinterest enough to become a Pinterest manager yourself? Maybe it’s your dream job!

And if you’re looking to hire a Pinterest manager, read this advice first.

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