Gifts For Someone Going Traveling

These practical gifts for someone going traveling are some of the most valuable items you can pack for a trip. If you're new to the packing cubes club, your life is about to change.  Packing cubes do 2 major things for travelers: they create more space in your bag, and they keep things organized.  How packing cubes create more space: You place (or stuff) your clothes in[...]


The Things No One Tells You About The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The digital nomad lifestyle is the dream for a lot of people that I meet. And rightfully so - there's so much to gain pursuing a life with more freedom and travel. But of course it can't stop there, with just laptops on the beach and drinking out of coconuts. The digital nomad lifestyle comes with it's whole own set of difficulties and challenges. This week I did a poll on my Inst[...]


Your #1 Staycation Tip

The #1 Staycation Tip_Writing From Nowhere

As a kid, hearing the word "staycation" sounded a lot like "not the beach." But now I love the idea of a week at home, and with these staycation tips, it's impossible to not see something new about where you live. The Perks of Taking a Staycation  It's true that a staycation can be a great budget vacation, but it's not all compromise. There are unique benefits to taking[...]


5 Ideas For A More Sustainable Hotel Stay

Sustainable travel_sustainable hotel stay_Writing From Nowhere

A hotel filled with dozens of rooms has an ENORMOUS footprint for a single night. Over the course of a year, that waste accumulation can be massive. It's important as conscious travelers to make changes to have a more sustainable hotel stay.  Ideally, the hotel would take responsibility for it's impact. Until that happens, as travelers we will do our bit to leave a smaller impact[...]


Overnight Train And Bus Packing List (You’ll Be More Comfortable)

A group of people stand on the side of train tracks with backpacks on

Before my first overnight train and bus trip, I was told horrific stories about thieving crackheads and gropers. These stories might have well been sung to me from Rapunzel's mother in Tangled. Ruffians, thugs, poison ivy, quicksand! It felt inevitable that these were exaggerations, but what's a 19-year-old to think? I saw every bus and train journey as an experience to survive.[...]

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