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  • Tips For Transitioning To Remote Work After A Lay Off

    Transitioning to remote work isn’t always the travel-filled, palm tree-lined path to freedom that many people envision. For some, the transition to remote work comes at a difficult chapter in life: after being laid off from their job. Today, we have the privilege of hearing about one woman’s journey to remote work after being laid […]

  • How To Start An Online Business (While Figuring It Out)

    A woman walks through a field of palm trees looking up with a sense of adventure

    Do you know for certain that you want the online business lifestyle that you see online? You know the one I’m talking about: people who make great money working on their laptops, working from anywhere in the world, totally fulfilled. You know you want an online business, but there’s an elephant in the room: what […]

  • Time for a New Career? 9 Signs Your Job Isn’t a Good Fit

    A woman sits with her back to the camera on a bench. Behind her are green mountains covered in fog. She looks thoughtful

    Most of us have experienced the misfortune of an unpleasant job. Whether it was just a bad match or a truly miserable arrangement, it’s always hard to know when to say goodbye. If you go too soon, you’ll feel like a job hopper. If you stay for too long, you’ll feel you wasted your time […]