• Pinterest SEO Checklist (From A Pinterest Manager)

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    SEO for Pinterest isn’t as mysterious as it sounds. Truth be told, it’s actually a lot friendlier than SEO for Google, but many accounts miss the mark completely whenever it comes to the basics of Pinterest SEO.  Then, they waste their time publishing pins that stand no chance of reaching the masses in search results […]

  • How To Outrank Your Competitors On Google 

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    Every blogger wants to look at Google and see that their recent post is thriving, getting the limelight that it deserves. This dream to outrank your competitors on Google isn’t a pipe dream, my friend!  It’s a strategic approach to writing content. Today, I will show you how you can find your competitors’ keywords and […]

  • 7 Keys To Writing Catchy Titles That Get You More Traffic

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    It’s expected that bloggers do keyword research before writing their blog posts. But, how much time are they spending researching and brainstorming blog post titles? Be honest: do you intentionally invest at least 10 minutes in creating catchy titles for your blog posts, or are headlines a bit of an afterthought?  Surely the answer to […]