Pinterest Account Suspended? Me Too. Here’s What To Do

It's the *worst* feeling: you open Pinterest, like any other day, and see that your Pinterest account is suspended for no reason. You feel panicked, upset, wonder what you did wrong, but you come up with nothing. Your Pinterest account was seemingly suspended for no reason. Sadly, you're in excellent company: speaking from personal experience, Pinterest has mistakenly suspended many a[...]


How Should You Do Pinterest Keyword Research In 2021?

Anyone in the world can upload their content on Pinterest and have it be enjoyed by pinners all over the world. How incredible is that?! You have the power to reach and impact an infinite number of lives. Just make sure that you do the right Pinterest keyword research so that your pins can be found by the masses.  Without keyword research, though, it will be thrown into the ocean[...]


How To Make Multiple Pinterest Pins For The Same URL

One of the greatest things about Pinterest for creators is the ability to upload multiple pins pointing to the same URL. What a gift! You can experiment with different images and titles, show off new branding, use a set of templates, or just get another chance if your initial pin flops.  Are we on the same page? I’m talking about uploading multiple pins (graphics) for the same b[...]


How To Set Up A Winning Pinterest Account

When did you set up your Pinterest account? Did you know what you were doing? At the time, did you understand all of the opportunities to optimize your Pinterest account for search discoverability?  For a lot of creators on Pinterest, the answers to those questions are “years ago, and I had no idea what I was doing.” I so hear you.  First things first: good for you for[...]


How To Use Pinterest For Beginners 2021

The process of beginning a website is a herculean task. You pick a name, research the best host, choose a theme and gather the gumption to hit publish when you still have no idea what you’re doing. Pour the champagne! You did it! And then, like the inevitable hangover, comes the thought: who is going to find and read this? The answer is Pinterest. Let me show you exactly how to use Pint[...]


How To Spot And Recover From The Pinterest Spam Block

So, you think you've been mistakenly caught by the Pinterest spam block? You're in good company; like, a football-field-full-of-people amount of company. The Pinterest spam block has caught many accounts for no particular reason, but you're not helpless. Some Pinterest Spam Block Backstory In true 2020 style, it was sometime during 2020 that the spam filter began plaguing crea[...]


How To Become A Pinterest Manager

woman working at kitchen table on laptop

So, you think you may want to become a Pinterest manager? You’re in good company: I’m a Pinterest manager, myself, and it has changed my life! But this post probably isn’t what you’re expecting it to be.  This post isn’t selling a course, ebook or anything promising you that I can show you how to become a Pinterest manager. This is just one Pinterest manager sharing thei[...]


Instagram To Pinterest: Posts, Reels & Stories

A woman holds her phone, looking at Instagram. The background and the woman are blurred

Have you been spending more time than you ever imagined possible filming 15-second videos? How bizarre. Yep, I'm lookin' at you, Instagram reels. But don't sweat it, because you can transfer all of that hard work from Instagram to Pinterest. Instagram and Pinterest are a match made in heaven! You put a lot of effort into your content generation, and as long as it's value-packed, there[...]


Hiring A Pinterest Manager? Here’s What You Need To Know

A woman stands above a busy desk covered in artwork. She looks like she's thinking. Behind her artwork covers the walls.

Congratulations - hiring a Pinterest manager means that business must be booming! You are about to make a *very* wise investment. Many biz owners would reach instead for a social media manager, but a Pinterest manager will bring in more leads, generate more brand reach and do work that will continue reaching people for years. Needing to outsource is a good problem to have, yet I[...]


Pinterest Marketing: 30 Pinterest Strategy Ideas

a hand is holding a phone displaying social network apps, including Pinterest

As with all aspects of our business, sometimes we just fall into funks. It seems like the daily grind, and we've lost the joy to energy to try new things and be experimental. Your Pinterest marketing and Pinterest strategy are no exceptions. Along the journey of perfection your Pinterest marketing, you'll get tired or lose momentum from time to time.  That is precisely why I[...]

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