How To Stay Motivated While Self-Employed

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After the initial adrenaline and rush of endorphins, you might be surprised to experience moments where building your business feels like a chore. Sometimes it feels like you're trying to build a skyscraper with your bare hands. Sure, you can see some progress, but it doesn’t even come close to where you need to be. We’re all friends here so let’s be honest: staying motivated while[...]


Importance Of Work-Life balance And How To Achieve It

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Let's face it: the importance of work-life balance has never been clearer. More and more people are experiencing burnout or feeling crush by their huge list of daily tasks. One of the challenges we all face as new entrepreneurs is making sure our new found passion/job does not overwhelm us. For many of us, the idea of setting our own working hours was one of the initial reasons to sta[...]


How To Change Your Life Today W/ An Abundance Mindset

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When it comes to getting what you want out of life, the old adage "your mindset determines your reality" rings endlessly true. Having an abundance mindset drastically changes the way you experience life, entrepreneurship and your pursuit of all of your dreams. Your mindset will determine your approach to your goals, helps you handle setbacks and influence your overall happiness. Being[...]


How To Stay Focused Online: Best Tools And Essential Tips

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Your time on the line, and your ability to stay focused online will swing the odds in your favor or knock you over the gushing falls to your doom. That may sound dramatic, but that’s because this is a serious matter. Staying focused online influences how much money you make and how much time for the rest of your life you have. Your mental health and happiness are hanging in the[...]


Hard-To-Swallow Pills Of The Entrepreneur Lifestyle

A dreamy photo of someone surfing. A pastel sky is behind the crashing waves, and the surfer has jumped off of their board from the top of the wave. It looks like freedom

The entrepreneur lifestyle is a waterfall of blessings: make as much money as want, work from anywhere in the world, do what you love, throw out the rulebook. But, as an honest woman, I cannot look you in the eyes and tell you it doesn't have its drawbacks, too. I like to delicately refer to these as the "hard to swallow pills" of the entrepreneur lifestyle. Just like the big hunky mu[...]


How To Get Back To Enjoying The Journey As An Entrepreneur

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Today I have a heavy question for you. A question for those who have decided to strike out on their own and start their own business; AKA, embarking on the journey of a lifetime. After months or years of hustling, are you still enjoying the journey? Starting your online career generally comes with an initial feeling of euphoria. Pop some bubbly and tell everyone! Thank you for my recei[...]


Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset: Your Make-Or-Break Approach

A woman sits in a hammock looking off into the distance. There are palm trees blurred in the foreground.

Almost every single silver-bullet promise or secret ingredient to life and entrepreneurship are false hopes. Now that that's out in the open, let me just say that a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset is one of those mermaid exceptions. Having a growth mindset is essential for budding entrepreneurs. While building your business, it will seem like practically every day you are confronted[...]


How To Live Your Ideal Life In 6 Months With Lifestyle Design

A woman in a yellow jacket stands in a field of yellow flowers, facing away from the camera, looking thoughtful

Do you feel at odds with life's conveyer belt? You have the job and salary, but it doesn't feel like a victory? Or maybe you're still working towards those pillars of modern life and are realizing that you don't even want them. Well, your ideal life is out there, and you can achieve it with lifestyle design. Society's standard package is something we're all familiar with: a house ful[...]


Remote Work Burnout Is Real: Here’s How to Avoid It

A laptop sits on a wooden table in front of an open window.

The remote workforce was one of the saving graces in 2020. Industries of all breadths were able to transition their employees to working from home, allowing people to continue on with their careers without putting their health at risk. However, physical health isn’t the only concern worth keeping in mind right now. There’s also the matter of avoiding remote work burnout. If you’v[...]


Business Mantras To Build Your Ironclad Entrepreneurial Mindset

A Black woman sits in a hair on her laptop in a stylish apartment

It takes unspeakable motivation to build an online business and keep going before there's a payoff ($$). Many people will start but fold because they lacked a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Hold these business mantras in your mind and your odds of surviving all the doubt and struggle are inevitably increased. Intro To Entrepreneurial Mindset & Business Mantras The allure of l[...]

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