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Online Jobs For Students That Require No Degree

A woman sits at a table drawing, with blurry houseplants in the foreground

There have never been more online jobs for students than there are now. Increased quantity is met with increased quality, too: ambitious students can launch their careers from their dorm room, without waiting around for someone to offer them an opportunity. The latter years of college are racked with trying to find out what your dream job is, and figuring out how you're going to get t[...]


What Do Bloggers Do? A Day In The Life Of A Blogger

A woman wearing a hijab sits smiling at her laptop

Back in 2017 before I had started my blogging journey, I also pondered the question: what do bloggers do all day?! Blogging isn't a traditional career, so it's a natural curiosity. I'm asked this question often now that I run my online business (that stemmed from my blog) full-time. To ease some curiosity and shine a light for anyone who thinks they may want to become a blogger the[...]


Why Start An Online Business: 5 Reasons To Go For It In 2021

Hands write in a planner on a wooden desk with a laptop, coffee cup, pair of glasses and polaroids laid out.

After a virtual tidal wave in 2020, there's very little one can't do online. There have never been more answers to the question "why start an online business," but I reckon you're still hesitating if you find yourself here reading this. Is it the dauntingness of the unknown? Or maybe you're unsure what business to even start? There have truly never been more answers to the questio[...]


Fundamental Tips On Ethical Pricing For New Entrepreneurs

A woman sits on a beach with her back to the camera, with her arms shrugging

So you started your business, congrats! Now it’s time to talk about one of the most important but seemingly elusive parts of becoming an entrepreneur: ethical pricing for your small business. For starters, pricing is an incredibly important part of your business. Your prices will represent your business or your brand as well as speaking for you when you have passive problems. Pr[...]


Remote Work Success Stories: Women To Inspire You To Go For It

A woman sits in the distance, outside through open doors. In the foreground is a dark apartment, and in the distance a woman sits on her laptop amongst palm trees

Can you hear the siren's call, singing an intoxicating melody about working online and living the life you want? I reckon that's what's brought you here to Writing From Nowhere today. You've seen people do it online, and you want to believe it's possible to become one of these remote work success stories yourself. It was only a few years ago that I was in your shoes. I scoured the int[...]


Lifestyle Deflation: How To Afford Your Dream Lifestyle

A cabin sits amongst trees on a mountainside, with the sun setting in the background

Everyone's heard of inflation, but have you heard deflation? The simple act of lifestyle deflation will move mountains as you work on achieving your dream lifestyle. If you've never heard of lifestyle deflation before, you may be asking yourself: what does lifestyle deflation even look like in practice? Lifestyle deflation looks like cutting expenses where you can. Reducing your s[...]

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