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  • Job Vs Business: Don’t Peace Out Yet

    A woman sitting on a chair in shorts working on her laptop with a notebook open and a cup of coffee

    It seems that in the job vs business debate, there’s one group that’s a lot louder than everyone else. I’m talking about the group that tells you to just go for it, just walk into your boss’s office, quit on the spot, and walk out into the sun with your head held high. Fist pump, fire emoji. They […]

  • How To Live Your Ideal Life In 6 Months With Lifestyle Design

    A woman in a yellow jacket stands in a field of yellow flowers, facing away from the camera, looking thoughtful

    Do you feel at odds with life’s conveyer belt? You have the job and salary, but it doesn’t feel like a victory? Or maybe you’re still working towards those pillars of modern life and are realizing that you don’t even want them. Well, your ideal life is out there, and you can achieve it with […]

  • What’s Holding You Back From Your Desired Life? These 4 Dream Killers

    A Black woman stands on a bridge that curves through a forest. She is wearing a backpack and looking thoughtful

    When you see other people living their desired lifestyles, what’s your emotional reaction? Do you wonder what they know that you don’t? You might be surprised at what’s holding you back from your ideal life: these 4 dream killers are the most common. The biggest factors that hurt your odds of deciding and executing your […]