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  • Digital Nomad Destinations: How To Pick What’s Right For YOU

    A woman looking into a Venice canal

    There’s an endless list of digital nomad destinations and picking the right one can be tricky. There’s no shortage of gorgeous potential destinations (or advice online) but how do you know which one is right for YOU? With the surge of people deciding to go remote during the pandemic, interest in working away from home […]

  • What You Need To Know About Insurance For Remote Workers

    An older woman sitting on a yellow couch typing on her laptop

    As a remote worker, you work away from a central office. Working from anywhere – the dream! Whether that dream manifests at your kitchen table, at a public library or a hostel in Vietnam, remote workers without a doubt have incredible autonomy. But, that doesn’t mean you get to leave every headache behind at the […]

  • Don’t Buy These Pieces Of Digital Nomad Gear

    Packing for your digital nomad lifestyle is a huge, hard task (I’m looking at you, overthinkers). If you’ve been laboring and excessively researching, I can tell already that we’re going to be friends. I was in that same position in 2017.  I read dozens (maybe even hundreds) of digital nomad packing lists. I still had […]