7 Keys To Writing Catchy Titles That Get You More Traffic

It’s expected that bloggers do keyword research before writing their blog posts. But, how much time are they spending researching and brainstorming blog post titles? Be honest: do you intentionally invest at least 10 minutes in creating catchy titles for your blog posts, or are headlines a bit of an afterthought?  Surely the answer to that question is looking back at you in the[...]


How To Format Your Blog Posts So People Actually Read

Picture this: a reader arrives on your blog post. The mood is right, the music swells, you’re saying all the right things, and they read your post its entirety. That’s what we’re all looking for, isn’t it?! We don’t want a cheap quickie where readers skim the first two paragraphs and leave. We want romance, dammit. But it doesn’t happen on its own. Keeping readers on the page[...]


How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Why are we here? Where did we come from? Will we end up in the same place as our cats when we go? And, how does SEO *really* work? For many online business owners, the inner workings of SEO truly belong in that category of questions that science is yet unable to answer. Yet, learning how to write SEO-friendly blog posts is one of those essential lessons you need to learn if you want to bl[...]


How To Prepare For The Future Of Blogging

Cue the funeral taps: for whatever reason, the search term “is blogging dead?” remains one of the most popular questions surrounding the future of blogging. What a sad gestalt to have as a group.  Change into some color and look ahead, my friend! The future of blogging isn’t just alive (could we have a lower bar?), but it’s bright! Blogs and blogging have never been more r[...]


My Blogging Story And Advice For You

In the 3 years that this blog has existed, I’ve never really addressed its existence. I was so afraid of being mistaken for the “online diary” blogging stereotype that I haven’t shared a single post specifically about myself or this blog’s purpose. An explanation could’ve really helped, too, because the content has zigzagged across the map!  In the beginning, I wrote a[...]


The Unignorable Benefits Of Blogging For Business (And The Risks)

Online business is the wild west: there are people making their living dropshipping toilet brushes and financially dominating people. There’s no one recipe telling you what you *need* to make it online, but the benefits of blogging for business are so clear that they are unignorable. Yet, if you're here reading this, I reckon you might not be convinced that the benefits of blogging[...]


Does Daily Blogging Really Boost Your Traffic?

Professional bloggers will all throw out different suggestions for blogging schedules and there's no right or wrong answer, but I’m going to suggest something spicy, bold but potentially brilliant: daily blogging.  Daily blogging entails writing an entire blog post in a day and hitting publish (or schedule) that very same day. There's no beating around the bush that this is a ve[...]


Idea Pins On Pinterest: Everything You Need To Know

A planner lays open on a desk with a pen on the page. Behind it sits a laptop and a cup of coffee

Your mind is probably swirling with questions about idea pins on Pinterest: what's the point, do I have to, what does Pinterest want from us?! After reading this Pinterest idea pins guide, you'll understand what idea pins are all about and will be able to immediately start designing successful idea pins for your brand. Whether you like 'em or hate 'em, the story feature is becoming ub[...]


Disadvantages Of Blogging That may Just Deter You

The advantages of blogging are surreal: you can make money from anywhere while being your own boss, and somehow this exclusively takes place in a tropical environment (or the pictures will convince you that, at least). But it all begs the question: what are the disadvantages of blogging that are going undiscussed?  It’s not all Macbooks and palm trees (sand in a keyboard is a ni[...]


How To Make SEO Work for Your Small Business

A Black woman sups a coffee cup in her pajamas at her laptop with a city skyline outside of the window behind her

We live in an amazing time. Small businesses don’t have to make commercials or hire a top-tier marketing firm to get their message to the public. Businesses have access to cheaper but effective marketing tools, one of the most important of which is search engine optimization. Indeed, just a little knowledge of SEO for small businesses can help improve your search engine rankings and bra[...]

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