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All The Tools You Need

Confused about why some pins do really well but yours seem to fall flat?

Let me help you fix that, my friend! Here are all the tools you need to make your content truly stand out.

make pinterest work for you

You have been doing this for a while but actual growth still eludes you?

Use my proven strategies so you know that Pinterest is doing what you know it can do.

focus on the fun part

Let’s face it, maintaining a successful account can be a chore. 

Just imagine being able to focus on your strengths. Spend your time growing your business instead of figuring out Pinterest

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Account Audit

Slingshot your results by having your account reviewed and receiving a strategy updated for what’s working *now* on Pinterest 

  • A review of your Pinterest account and entire content ecosystem 
  • An exhaustive checklist of how to improve your account and optimization 
  • An updated strategy and answers to all of your questions 
  • Book a discovery call (15 minutes, audio) to see if this is the right fit for what your account needs 
  • Schedule an exploratory call (1 hour, Zoom) where we will go over your business, your goals and the strategy you’ve been implementing 
  • A second 1-hour Zoom call in which I will offer detailed suggestions tailored to your brand. In addition to a recording of the call, you will get a document with said suggestions for future review.
  • Within 2 weeks of our call, you may follow up via email to ask further questions
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Pinterest Coaching

Learn the ropes through one-on-one coaching and develop a strategy that works for your brand.

  • A review of your existing account
  • A coaching program customized to fit your needs
  • An explanation of how Pinterest works and answers to all of your questions 
  • A strategy to implement, tailored to your brand
  • Resources such as checklists, workbooks and templates to help you progress between calls 
  • Book a discovery call (15 minutes, audio) to see if this is the right fit for what your account needs and determine how many calls you’ll need
  • Schedule weekly or bi-weekly calls (1 hour, Zoom) to work through coaching modules 
  • After coaching, one final call to discuss whatever questions you might still have
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Account Management

Skip the learning curve and hand your account over to me so that you can stay in your zone of genius. 

  • A fully optimized account 
  • On-brand pins that are tailor-made for Pinterest 
  • 30 unique, fully SEO-optimized pins per month 
  • A weekly check-in email on Sunday 
  • Coordination of any help tickets 
  • Monthly analytics updates 
  • Book a discovery call (15 minutes, audio) and see if this is the right fit for what your account needs 
  • Audit and optimize your existing account 
  • Discuss custom pin graphics for your content specific to your brand and what converts on Pinterest 
  • Start manually publishing 1 optimized pin per day 
  • I will track your stats and check in with you weekly 

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Hi Friend, I'm Kayla

Pinterest changed my life. That sounds weird to some people, but I have a feeling that you get it. Pinterest helped me turn a small, everything-purchased-on-my-credit-card website into my home on the internet, and a place where I get to talk with people all over the world daily. That is pure magic. Pinterest is pure magic. Let me help it change your life, too. 

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What Other Creators Are Saying

Questions are encouraged!

Pinterest likes fresh content, which is not the same as new content. This means that blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube videos and Instagram posts from years ago can be uploaded if they’re still relevant! Then, your work is pinned again and again, gaining momentum for seasons to come. 

Pinterest is a search engine and takes months for content to “rank” (be shown in searches), just like on Google. You will start to see increased exposure within the first few weeks, but it will be a slow climb. If you don’t plan on implementing a strategy for at least 6 months, you’re not ready to invest.

You don’t need a blog to succeed on Pinterest; you just need to share content that interests people. That can be photography, products that you sell, graphic design, recipes – the list goes on. You will have the most success if you share value-driven content. Content of a more personal nature, such as travel diaries, will not be as successful on Pinterest.

The more URLs you have to share with Pinterest, the better. If you’re looking at hiring a Pinterest manager, I recommend you have at least 30 pieces of content already. If you have less content but are in the process of expanding, coaching would be a better investment for you. 

No matter what your passion is, there’s a community that shares that interest. If you’re looking at Pinterest now and don’t see any content like yours, that just means that you have the opportunity to be first and saturate the subject area. That is a huge opportunity that other creators would kill for!

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