In many ways, remote work life has never been easier. There’s a tool for everything! You can work from literally anywhere! But sometimes instead of an exotic, stimulating locale, you end up working 12-hour days from your couch in your bathrobe. *cough, 2020*

You may look down at the crumbs and coffee stains that have enveloped your pajamas and think: What has happened to me?! It’s just the cir-cle of (remote work) life, my friend. And we can fix it.

…but you’re going to have to change out of your robe eventually. No rush though, this is just a heads up.

Intro To How To Survive Remote Work Life

This lifestyle is not easy. It’s full of amazing rewards, so when the low points do happen, you might not be able to diagnose it.

Let’s put this out there right now: You’re allowed to feel…

  • unmotivated
  • energyless
  • apathetic
  • like life would *actually* be better at the office

…even when you’re living your ideal lifestyle.

The remote work lifestyle comes with difficulties. Those difficulties were never laid barer than in 2020, when even the most enthusiastic amongst us were worn down by the bleached existence of pandemic remote work life.

Your remote work life can, and will, be immeasurably more colorful, productive and rewarding if you implement this advice. Beyond enjoyment, these tips may even save you from the worst-case scenario: going back to the office.

I’m not being dramatic: failing to hone the right remote work habits has dire consequences. If you fold, you will go back to the office and surrender your freedom over where and how you spend your days.

Even if this is your first time here at Writing From Nowhere, I care too much about you to let that happen. Let’s talk about how to survive and thrive in your remote work life.

6 Tips To Help You Survive Remote Work Life 2021

Remote work life has never been easier, but the path to long-term success is lined with tiny discomforts that will destroy you over time. Here’s how to avoid them.

Woman perched on a rock overlooking a mountain lake

1. Naturally Respond To Screen-Induced Headaches

Screen-induced headaches are not only uncomfortable, but over time they also affect your productivity, and are sadly not uncommon amongst remote workers.

Up to 1 and 4 people experience headaches screen-induced headaches according to Hackensack Meridian Health. This may very well be the number one complaint from remote workers; I know I’ve been plagued as well.

When I started working on my online business full-time as a Pinterest manager, I had daily headaches from all the increased screen time. I was poppin’ lids (off the aspirin bottle) until one of my clients sent me a doTERRA essential oils kit as a thank-you gift.

Peppermint essential oil relieves headaches naturally and also smells divine. Consider reaching for it as a natural headache management tool, and an essential tool for my remote work life.

If essential oils aren’t your vibe, Healthline experts made these other suggestions for natural headache management:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Sipping a cup of ginger tea
  • Minimizing alcohol
  • Drinking an adequate amount of water (more on that powerhouse further down)

Take your remote work life tools on the road with you wherever you work. I tote my essential oils around in a pocket-sized Stasher bag.

2. Prevent Some Digital Eye Strain With Blue Light Glasses

While we’re on the topic of screen-induced headaches, let’s lay out some of the other symptoms of digital eye strain: headaches, yes, but neck tension, dry eyes and blurry vision can also occur. (source)

A simple step to minimize digital eye strain is wearing blue light glasses.

Now, to be fair: blue light isn’t all bad. It can boost alertness and help regulate your circadian rhythm (ya know, like how checking your screen at bedtime makes it more difficult to fall asleep).

Yet, we’re also faced with the aforementioned side effects of digital eye strain and even the potential of damaged retinal cells.

At your next glasses appointment, go for the upgrade and get blue light lenses. Or, if you’re not visually impaired, get a pair of unprescribed specs just for the blue light filter lenses.

My friend Laura, blogger over at Fairly Southern, has a great resource on different ethically-made blue light glasses to help you pick the right pair.

3. Take A Daily Multivitamin

How amazing is it that we have access to capsules of nutrients and we can nourish our bodies every day with such ease?

You may be thinking, what does a daily multivitamin have to do with remote work life?

Well, taking a daily vitamin has an impact beyond just the obvious supplemental benefits. It builds the habit of taking daily steps to care for your body.

It builds self-care into your daily routine, which is vital to successfully implementing these improvements to your remote work life.

Now, some people who work remotely have no trouble with maintaining healthy routines.

But, I reckon you’re different. Readers who come to Writing From Nowhere aren’t your typical cats. Many readers want to run their own online biz or work online while traveling the world.

People like us tend to dive in with so much passion and energy that a day, week or month can slip by without us remembering the last time we tended to our health.

Vitamins alone won’t stop you from being completely engulfed in your projects and forgetting about your health, but they will remind you every day to stop and care for yourself.

Build habits into your routine that prioritize your health. Vitamins are an easy way to do this.

It’s of course best to talk to your general practitioner about specific vitamins for you. Personally, I take a humble women’s multivitamin.

4. Make *Thorough* Meals

Thorough might seem like a strange word here, so let me elaborate: meals should be thoroughly delicious, thoroughly nourishing and thoroughly enjoyable.

Because, the opposite is eating meals that you don’t enjoy. Meals that do not benefit your body, mind or mood. Meals that don’t give you a mental break from your work.

Meals like that are *so* 2020.

I first mentioned this in my remote work habits blog post, and I stand by it as one of the most vital ways to preserve a balanced remote work life. Thorough meals are a vital part of a thriving when working remotely.

Food should be a vibrant and wholesome part of your day. Don’t let it fade away into something that you consume mindlessly over your keyboard.

Decked out table with tortillas, vegie taco filling, cheese, wedges of lime and tequila.
Need some inspiration? Go with a theme! Here you see homemade tortillas, veggie taco filling and tequila. Esto serĂ¡ bueno

5. Chug Water All Day

Make water intake a priority: this will benefit your health and mental stamina beyond measurement. Keep water by your laptop & find flavorings you enjoy.

Even mild dehydration can impair your brain performance, memory, critical thinking and mood. (source)

That sounds severe, and it really is. If those side effects haven’t convinced you to prioritize water, riddle me this:

If you saw a beverage for sale that advertised improved brain performance, memory, mood and critical thinking, would you be keen to try?

It’s at your sink, my friend.

Some ideas for any water haters who may be out there:

  • Get a soda stream and drink sparkling water instead of flat (I’m addicted to mine)
  • Try adding drops of essential oil to your water, such a lemon, grapefruit or ginger, to add some variety
  • Find a water bottle or cup that brings you joy (yes, I’m bringing Marie Kondo into this) and make it your best friend. Mine is my 1-liter Nalgene

For cute reminders to drink water when you’re scrolling on Instagram, follow the account Hey You, Drink Water.

6. Start Taking Walks

You don’t need a yoga membership or a home gym to move your body. Even basic movement will do you a world of good for your mood and your energy.

So much so that taking walks is almost more of a remote work life mental health tip than a health tip.

Row of houses covered in plants and flowers
My neighborhood in Groningen, Netherlands 2019

Walking is good for your body, and it’s also important for mental stimulation to leave your home.

This point is particularly essential for grounded digital nomads: when you’re working online and traveling, stimulation and energy comes from everywhere.

Your apartment cannot compete with the stimulation of backpacking through Europe. It just can’t. Frankly, even trying is like trying to get blood from a rock.

Go outside. Take a walk. Open yourself up for stimulation from other sources. I guarantee you’ll come back refreshed and feeling more resilient to remote work life’s difficulties.

How To Survive Remote Work Life In 2021 Final Thoughts

The remote work lifestyle is not the easiest one. There are less steep paths, but they lead to less vibrant places. Don’t give up on your aspiration to work remotely for your 9-5 or to have your own online biz: this lifestyle can give you more.

How do you remain resilient to remote work life? What tips for remote work life would you add to this list?

Feel free to drop a comment or email me at [email protected] to share your remote work life thoughts!