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Eager to start dominating idea pins on Pinterest but you’re not sure where to start? Check it off your list with these Pinterest idea pin templates. These are drag-and-drop Canva templates.



Who wishes they had a time machine to go back and become an Instagram, TikTok or YouTube early adopter? What about being the first-ever blog in your niche? Can you imagine being there from the beginning? 

Well, there could still be time to dominate your niche with Pinterest’s newest feature: idea pins (previously called story pins).

Idea pins are getting explosive reach. They’re different than other types of Pinterest marketing, but you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to know to succeed with idea pins on Pinterest with this template purchase.

With this Pinterest idea pins template purchase, you will get 7 different designs to create and publish idea pins on Pinterest. These templates are drag-and-drop and designed in Canva.

Each of the 7 templates has a unique design. The page layouts are flexible and can be moved around and personalized to illustrate your idea.

– 7 story pin templates made in Canva

Idea pins can be up to 20 pages long, and Pinterest recommends a minimum of 5 pages. Therefore, at a minimum, each template includes:
1. A cover slide
2. A standout point slide (such as “step 1: prepare”)
3. A slide to elaborate the point
4. A bold statement slide to get readers attention and break up story pin
5. A call to action slide

See for yourself in this template tour:

Please note: 
– You DO NOT NEED a Canva pro subscription to access all elements included in these Pinterest idea pin templates.
– Photos in mockups are not included in designs.
– Designs have filler text and are to be filled with your original content.

Shop policy:

Writing From Nowhere does not accept returns, exchanges or cancelations of digital products. To help every customer achieve success, I’ve made a Canva 101 YouTube series to walk you through common Canva frustrations and issues. Please email me if you have issues that can’t be resolved with that series or any of my resources.

This purchase is for 1 person. You do not have permission to distribute, resell or share these designs.

2 reviews for Pinterest Idea Pin Templates

  1. Natalie Battaglia

    These are not your ordinary templates. The designs are beautiful and so easy to customize. What really blew me away is the instructions and additional resources. The templates came with a mini story pin tutorial, with advice around story pin best practice and getting the best reach. My results speak for themselves with over 5k impressions within the first 24 hours!

  2. Susie Bono (verified owner)

    I’ve been trying to up my pinning strategy with idea pins and came across these templates. I love how easy they are to customize, and they also come with clear instructions on how to build an idea pin. I’m so impressed with Kayla’s business sense and graphic design skills, and I highly recommend these templates!

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