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Pinterest VA Services


You want to skip the learning curve and move straight to implementing a proven strategy? 

Let me take the wheel while you do what you do best.

You’re here because things are going really well. Parts of your business are booming (or are about to be – heya launches, books, all the things you’re checking off your goals list for the year).

But, with more business comes… more business. You know how important Pinterest is for growth and brand reach but:

  • Your Pinterest strategy has become a chore
  • You don’t have time to keep up with all the changes in Pinterest (new best practices, algorithm updates, etc.)
  • The idea of learning the ins and outs of yet another platform is disheartening altogether

Your Pinterest account is in good hands with me as your Pinterest VA.

Or do you prefer to learn how the tofu and potatoes get made yourself? Pinterest coaching may be the right opportunity for you. Read about Pinterest coaching 👉 here.




With Pinterest VA services, you get…

  • Static, video and story pin design creation, customised to your brand
  • Fully SEOed content
  • Full pin schedule maintained in line with current best practices 
  • Maximization of old website content (all your awesome stuff that somehow disappeared will now be seen by your audience)
  • Propagation of content from social media platforms (such as, pinning your Instagram posts) 
  • Real-time pinning reaction to Pinterest search trends
  • Plus a free account audit, to make sure that you’re set up for maximum success




What clients say about getting Pinterest VA services:

“I connected with Kayla in a Pinterest group, and in talking with her, I loved her energy and enthusiasm for the platform, just like myself. Outsourcing my Pinterest business activity to her was really a no brainer. She’s easy to work with, has a great eye for design, and I can rest assured my account is in good hands …. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders. I have seen an increase in growth, and I know that with continued consistent activity, it’s going to grow even bigger. Very thankful for her and her help!!”




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to start seeing results?

A: SEO is not an overnight game. But within 3 months, it’s generally clear if the strategy at hand is working or not.

Q: What’s the actual process like of working together?

Every Sunday, the analytics of your account are recorded. I search for opportunities to reach more people, see which of your pieces were the most viral and look at trending searches. Based on all of this information, your Tailwind schedule is filled for the week and you’re sent an email or Facebook message with all these details. Additionally, any new original content is SEOed and given preference in your schedule.

Q: If I hire your Pinterest VA services, what do I still have to do?

A: Hiring me to manage your Pinterest account frees you up to create the best content possible. And that’s the real ying~and~yang of a good Pinterest strategy – the best content + proper implementation = traffic. You make the magic happen, and I’ll make sure it’s out there for the world to find.




Want to talk about me taking some stress off your shoulders as your Pinterest VA?

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Or, if this just isn’t the time to make a paid investment in your Pinterest strategy, I have something else for you. Get access to my library full of resources to help you understand and dominate your Pinterest strategy.

I'm Kayla

Hi, friend! I'm Kayla 🤗 I'm a conscious living blogger who fell in love with Pinterest and SEO, and now I help other creators tap into the life-changing magic that lies within connecting your dream with its people. Read More

- Kayla

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