The content creator world is buzzing about idea pins (previously called story pins). For inspiration, ideas and interesting takes on this feature, look no further than this ultimate list of Pinterest idea pins examples. 

Every creator can use idea pins, whether you’re selling products, services, building brand awareness or strategically repurposing social media content.

Get ideas (pun intended) and see examples of all of these things done well in this round-up. 

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Are idea pins the same as story pins? 

Yes, Pinterest idea pins are the same as story pins. Since “stories” on most social media platforms disappear after 24 hours, the name “story pins” caused a lot of confusion for Pinterest users and creators. 

The story pins feature was released in an early beta in 2019, and then an extended beta in 2020 and 2021. The name changed from story pins to idea pins in 2021, but the feature remained otherwise the same. 

Insider tip: if you’re reading an article that still refers to idea pins as story pins, then it hasn’t been updated in a long time. Pinterest changes pretty quickly, so I recommend finding a more up-to-date resource to make sure you’re reading current best practices. 

Do Pinterest idea pins have to be original? 

Yes, idea pins need to be original content in the sense that it’s YOUR content. But you can strategically repurpose content from an existing blog post, Instagram carousel or any of your social media marketing. 

When it comes to creating UNoriginal idea pins, avoid…

  • Resharing the same idea pin more than once 
  • Uploading content that you didn’t create (video, audio or images) 
  • Using stock photos or videos unedited without text overlays or additional creative attention (this doesn’t violate the rules, but it’s not a best practice for idea pins creation) 

All of the best practices of content marketing ring true in idea pins, but there are some specific tips to be aware of for idea pins…

Grey image with text "100+ Pinterest idea pin examples, get inspired!"

What makes a good idea pin? 

Idea pin best practices: 

  • Use more than 1 page (a 5-page minimum is recommended). You can break your idea into 20 pages, so only making 1 page comes across to the pinner as a bare minimum.  
  • Don’t have your videos rely on audio. Most users won’t watch idea pins with the volume turned on, so add subtitles or communicate your message visually. 
  • Create original content, and never steal anything from anyone (images, audio, etc.) 
  • Include text and video that fits on the screen correctly. Text or video that gets cropped off of the screen shows that content wasn’t made in the correct format. 
  • Put in the effort to make content specifically for Pinterest users. Pinners deserve more than a bunch of audio-less social media clips that don’t make sense without knowing the TikTok trend. You can do better in your content marketing! 
  • Fill out the title, description and tags when uploading. 

In a nutshell: don’t be skimpy with your idea pins! Viewers WANT to find inspiring content and fall in love with what your brand has to offer. Reciprocate that love with Pinterest marketing is specific to the platform and isn’t just a download/upload from somewhere else. 

I know there’s been a lot of confusion around this feature. Going from story pins to idea pins created mass confusion. As of 2022, still only 37 countries have access to the feature. It’s been a pile-up of confusion, and now that the algorithm is constantly pushing poorly-repurposed TikToks. 

If you’ve been confused, it’s not just you. It’s a lot of people. But it’s time to climb out of the rubble and dominate this feature. 

Need a little more background on idea pins in general? Read my idea pin MEGA guide or watch my interview with Yes To Tech that answers all of the idea pin FAQs:

After looking at all of these Pinterest idea pins examples, you’ll have the momentum that you need to start publishing great content that has huge returns on investment. Let’s dive in! 

100+ Pinterest Idea Pins Examples 

I’ve scoured Pinterest in search of the best idea pin examples to inspire content creators of all types. 

Buuuut a quick disclosure: not every single Pinterest idea pins example listed here follows all of the best practices. 

As you’re jotting down ideas for your own idea pins, remember to check these boxes: 

  • Don’t include “link in Instagram bio” or social handles from other platforms 
  • Make sure text, images or videos aren’t cropped off screen 
  • Remove watermarks from Instagram and TikTok 
  • Don’t use audio you don’t have own 
  • Include a call to action 
  • Use at least 3 pages 
  • Subtitle videos 

Use these Pinterest idea pin examples to help you get inspired, creative and come up with ideas of your own. 

Alright, enough chatter. We ride!  

My Most Viral Idea Pins 

For these Pinterest idea pins examples to be as helpful as possible, they’d ideally include some viral ones! After making dozens of idea pins for my Pinterest account, these are my top 5. 

#5 was repinned by Pinterest itself (fan girl moment!)

1. Productivity tips

The screen share style of this idea pin really grabbed the viewer’s attention.

It’s something that’s familiar to any iPhone user, and despite being more than a year old, this Pinterest idea pin is still bringing in impressions, saves and follows. 

2. How a blog can change your life 

This simple inspirational piece of content is simple and attention-getting. The bright color jumps off the screen

This piece of content started off as idea pin and was so successful that I repurposed into a blog post and a YouTube video.

Propagate. that. content. (with the Pinterest user in mind). 

3. Pinterest marketing tips

Sometimes a higher number of steps or tips, such as this idea pin example, gives users an extra push to save (since they could never remember or implement this many steps on their own).

Another example of effective content propagation. These tips were originally from a Pinterest marketing ideas blog post. 

This design is the Color Pop template from my idea pin templates.

4. Blog post SEO

A simple, clear how-to is your friend when it comes to idea pins!

Challenge yourself to see how far you can simplify your copywriting and teaching. Use this how-to SEO post as inspiration!.

This design is the How-To template from my idea pin templates.

5. Ethical pricing tips for entrepreneurs

This Pinterest idea pin example was repinned by Pinterest itself! What an honor. 

This design really pops out of the feed (it’s my Color Pop idea pin template again).

It covers a lot of text but doesn’t put too much on a page, making it digestible. All of the text is also published in the notes section, which makes it really thorough. Leaving the notes section blank can look a little sloppy.

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How-To / DIY / Tutorial Idea Pins 

Informative pins are the bread and butter of Pinterest idea pins (and content marketing in general). 

6. DIY cotton stems

A DIY so simple that it doesn’t even need text to explain the steps – perfect idea pin content!

This simplicity is a level of genius in a DYI.

The steps are thorough and simple. Brilliant.

7. Cool digital wallpaper tutorial

You may remember hearing in your high school writing class to “show, not tell.”

This idea pin really capitalized on that and grabs your attention instantly by showing you the end result on both mobile AND iPad.

Great call to action right on the cover of this Pinterest idea pin example.

The mix of video content and still images in the carousel makes it feel really thorough like there’s no point left behind in this digital wallpaper tutorial.

8. How to draw a dynamic pose

The cover page on this idea pin cover stopped my scroll!

Even though it’s not a video cover, the text is big, the colors are bright and it makes the point of the idea pin extremely clear.

The following pages teach with minimal text and explain the steps visually in a really simple and clear way.

9. Brush pen tutorial

Another simple and straightforward tutorial!

This idea pin from Loveleigh Loops takes a simple video tutorial and builds out the following pages beautifully to showcase their offering.

The inspiration page showcasing their bigger brand offering will help convert viewers into followers.

10. Pimple remedies

Diving right in, this idea pin example doesn’t add any introduction slides after the cover.

It jumps straight into the info slides after a brief intro, capturing attention right away.

The moving elements on each page keep the viewers engaged on each slide.

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Behind The Scenes / Personal Idea Pins 

At the 2020 Pinterest Creators Festival, Pinterest said that idea pins were meant to drive awareness of “you.” Idea pins are meant to highlight the creators in addition to the ideas and stories we’re sharing. 

These more personal Pinterest idea pins examples give viewers that peak behind the curtain that everyone secretly wants.

What sneak peeks can you create for your audience? 

11. What a side hustle really looks like

The authenticity and intrigue of this idea pin grab the viewer immediately.

It relies on minimal text and original images, which makes it really captivating for Pinterest users.

Ending with a call to action and inspiration makes this a very strong pin!

12. What solo travel gave me

Huge text is your friend!

This idea pin example grabs your attention immediately with its bold text and colorful cover.

The creative organic frame around each page really helps this bounce off of the page and stand out on a crowded feed.

13. Product process

We have another great “show, don’t tell” example with this idea pin here.

Using a video on every page makes for an extremely captivating idea pin, and it needed very little text to convey the message.

This behind-the-scenes doesn’t overtly sell the product, but builds the know-like-trust factor very naturally with viewers.

14. School Night Routine

Here we have another great example of using video on every page, but with a twist:

The creator used short 1-second videos and put them on a loop to make for longer video clips. A very creative way to stretch video to make it last longer!

This idea pin example ends strong with a nice warm photo of the creator and a call to action to follow for more.

15. Planner

Are we learning something about the creator, or are we learning iPad tricks?

We’re getting both!

This is a great example of sharing something personal that you’re enjoying right now while also teaching the viewer something.

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Idea Pins That Show A Process 

Take pinners on a journey by showing off a process that’s related to your lifestyle or brand! Let’s dive into some great Pinterest idea pin examples/

16. Yard

Who doesn’t want to take a dip in this pool?!

This process feels real and authentic because the creator shared the glossy after photos AND the totally not Instagram-worthy during photos.

The result is a genuine connection with pinners.

17. Growing children’s clothes

Great minimalist design (for the clothing AND the pin).

This pin showcases the clothes effortlessly and does so with style using photos that overlap slightly on each page, really enticing the pinner to swipe.

Pro tip: Do you have affiliate products that you can showcase this way?

18. The journey of starting an online business

Both the images and the text take you on a journey with this Pinterest idea pin example.

Using images that help the pinner dream or experience a transformation with you will improve engagement and connection.

This was made from my “Journey” idea pin template.

19.  Scrapbook montage 

This was clearly from TikTok, but it still makes perfect sense for the pinner.

Pinners can enjoy this content without needing knowledge about TikTok trends or challenges.

Great example of content repurposing!

20. Morning routine

Not a lot happens in this idea pin, but it does serve its purpose: it gives pinners ideas.

Encompassed in this visual idea pin is a Saturday morning routine idea, a breakfast idea, a self-development idea.

Pro tip: try boiling your ideas down to their most basic messaging and see if it resonates with pinners.

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eCommerce Idea Pins 

Pinterest is pushing e-commerce hard in 2023! While most successful content marketing on Pinterest is made to benefit the user, don’t hesitate to mix some selling into your idea pins.

21. Digital planner stickers

Answering a product FAQ is a genuine way to open up an idea pin.

This creator effortlessly sells their products while helping pinners know how to use it better once purchasing.

Wanna try for yourself? This is the same style as the Answer Your Own Question idea pin template in my shop.

22. Croquis drawing templates

The formula of this eCommerce idea pin is brilliant: show the end result, explain the benefit, and offer the product.

Idea pins like this naturally sell.

Pro tip: a great video hack is to start by showing pinners what they want.

In this case, they want to be able to produce tons of beautiful fashion sketches quickly.

23. Scrubba bag

Ah, the beloved Scrubba Bag! One of my favorite pieces of digital nomad gear, the Scrubba Bag is looking hot in this idea pin and almost makes me want to get another one just because of these new color choices.

This idea pin is another great example of “show, don’t tell” content marketing.

The aesthetic of the photos hits a really enjoyable tone and will fit right in on Pinterest amongst all of the gorgeous photography.

24. Stasher bag

Another favorite product of mine as a long-time resident of my eco-friendly gift ideas list, the Stasher Bag effortlessly sells in this Pinterest idea pin example.

Without even realizing its promoting products, you scroll through hot tips and recipe ideas that all casually display the array of Stasher products.

You can also see Pinterest’s product tagging at work here – perfect for product sellers!

25. Clay mask

This idea pin example sells in multiple ways all at once.

First, it’s putting the product reviews front and center.

Using the product itself as a backdrop really hits the point home.

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Service-Based Business Idea Pins

Idea pins on Pinterest can really help your business sell – and not just product-based businesses.

Service-based businesses can capitalize and funnel in potential clients just as easily as they do on Instagram and TikTok.

Honestly, the lifespan of an idea pin puts any form on Instagram content to shame. The opportunities here are ripe for the picking!

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26. Website copy

While the text on this idea pin is small, it still has a nice minimalist feel and communicates a lot of value in a small space.

The minimalist cover works really well, as do the “pops” with the page transitions.

Little details like that help pinners stay engaged and make your idea pins on Pinterest more memorable.

27. Community engagement

Here we have an even more minimalist idea pin example.

Even though it’s a text-dependent idea pin, it’s still kept light by sticking to the center of the screen and not taking up the entire length of our phones.

The secondary lines of text are too small to read on some devices, so this is a good reminder for you to check your idea pin design on mobile before publishing.

28. Sales page design

Aesthetic and expertise really shine through this idea pin example.

The consistent color background made each page flow together, and the varying format of the pages keeps the pinners engaged.

The final page ends with a very natural and minimalist call to action, which a lot of idea pins are lacking.

29. Graphic design

Scrolling through this idea pin feels weightless and bright.

The little oval elements brilliantly break up the large chunks of text and make it feel personal and more skimmable.

The cherry on top: it ends with a smiling call to action.

30. Web design

These tips are short, sharp and smart!

The creator really puts their expertise on display here, despite this being a short idea pin.

Including branding on every single page is a great way to improve brand awareness, and it’s a step that a lot of creators skip.

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31.  Freelancing

Getting right into these software recommendations is the perfect way to introduce this topic.

Each slide is minimal yet immersive, and it teaches in a very natural way.

These slides are short but they automatically repeat (seeing that feature again) which bulks them up. Simple and effective.

32. Brand awareness

Contrast works brilliantly in this idea pin example, jumping between off-black and off-white to help punctuate the point being made.

The final page isn’t just a simple call to action to save; it’s also a natural sales push.

After reading page after page of marketing expertise, this sale makes sense and can actually convert.

Pro tip: before you jump into selling, remember to show your expertise.

33. Instagram mistakes

Few words stop the scroll as quickly as the word “mistakes.”

It’s irresistible. I bet if I drop my list of most common beginner blogging mistakes, you won’t be able to stop yourself from clicking.

On top of using an emotional word on the cover, this idea pin uses simple graphics to add personality and stand out.

34. Social media partnerships

This idea pin example touches on a hugely popular topic without even saying the word on the cover: money.

It’s a hot topic, and this offers the common FAQs in a succinct way.

Almost too succinct; it definitely leaves viewers wanting more!

35. Pinterest management 

Another idea pin from yours truly, this helps sell my Pinterest services and products.

Which services and products??

This idea pin is a quick lesson taken from my Pinterest SEO blog post and ends with a strong call to action.

Inspirational/Mindset Idea Pins 

Every year Pinterest releases its top trends of the year (called Pinterest Predicts), and inspiration is always on tap on Pinterest.

Give the masses what they want. Here are Pinterest idea pin examples that did just that.

36. Creative inspiration

Record scratch: this idea pin was made in 2021 and it’s STILL circulating on Pinterest.

Idea pins have a years-long lifespan, which is what makes them such a powerful form of short-form content.

I love the bold groovy headline followed up with a minimalist accent font of this example.

37. Mantras

Up next we have the very essence of minimalism.

Text this small wouldn’t work well for most idea pins, but this creator pulled it off.

The “lean-in” vibes make this pep talk feel authentic and powerful.

38. Weekly check-in

These mindset idea pin examples are really bringing the minimalism!

This idea pin is simplicity itself.

The branding at the bottom of every page is great for brand awareness.

39. Entrepreneur beliefs

Great use of simple video on the cover, and then it flows right into bold, clean text on the following pages.

It’s simple, but the gradient change between the blank and off-black help this idea pin feel dynamic.

The specific call to action at the end makes this very memorable and effective at funneling viewers.

40. Boss mindset

Full disclosure: I think there’s a risk of the Pinterest algorithm reading these pages as identical duplicates of each other.

Which can get your account flagged as spam.

But I included this example because it’s creative and pops out of the feed.

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41. Weekly Motivation

Another simple, uplifting and beautiful idea pin example!

While some creators think that quotes are too “woo” for their brand, Pinterest users LOVE quotes.

…and they love aesthetic images. This pin nails both.

42. Law of growth

This idea pin doesn’t shy away from big ideas and details.

As a cute extra frosting, each slide of this idea pin is numbered.

It’s little details like that make graphics stand out and look professional.

43. Show up for yourself

This idea pin cover is simple but far from boring with a beautiful font pairing and background gradient.

The text on the pages is framed nicely in a white outlined box, which really helps it jump out.

Clear tips and a simple design make for a gorgeous pin!

44. Burnout Tips

Another gradient looking good!

This idea pin really grabs the pinners’ eye with bold text and cute illustrations.

Pro tip: if you’re going to repurpose an idea pin from Instagram content, put in the time to make it fit the dimensions.

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45. Motivate yourself

A bold cover, informative pages and a simple call to action at the end – this idea pin covers all its bases!

The white background on the text really makes it pop out and is easy to read.

Pro tip: You can add this to any text in Canva under the “effects” panel.

Educational Idea Pins

Just like all content marketing, value is queen above all else.

These great examples will help give you ideas for your own content!

46. Blogging downsides

Here’s another design from my idea pin templates looking hot if I may say so myself.

This design checks all of the important boxes:

  • Branding on every page
  • Bold cover
  • Variation between pages to keep the reader’s attention
  • Ending with a strong call to action

I include all of these details in the idea pin templates so that you don’t have to overthink your designs.

47. Chess tip

Opening with a video of a chess player is a smart way to grab attention and communicate the topic of the pin immediately.

The large text on the pages gets right to the point without overwhelming Pinterest users with huge blocks of text.

A strong call to action at the end makes this a winning set!

48. Growth Mindset

This idea pin uses color in a very engaging way.

Jumping between the bright blue and the black slides helps users stay engaged and puts the account’s branding center stage.

Using the profile picture alongside the call to action on the last page is a great personal touch.

49. Successful student checklist

What a great example of working smarter and not harder!

This idea pin example teases out tips all on the same graphic, making for a very simple yet informative design.

Cherry on top: the strong call to action page at the end.

50. Earn from Canva

Another great example of using blocks of colors behind words to help make them pop.

This cover is bright, strong and to the point: everything you want.

The color blocking on the top and bottom is a little unusual, but it’s better than leaving it formatted as the Instagram square.

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51. Start the week off right

Bright, colorful and branded on each page.

What’s not to like about this idea pin example!

The simple illustrations add a nice touch of personality.

52. Yoga poses

Being able to teach without relying on a text is such an asset in short-form content.

This idea pin teaches effortlessly through these short video pages.

The 4th tip in this 8-tip idea pin is actually missing, which is a great reminder to double-check the pages before hitting publish.

53. Beat jet lag

What a cover page image! This really jumps out of the feed.

Flip to the last page and you’ll find that there are 5 more ADDITIONAL tips shared in the notes.

This is a playful way to engage with readers and stop their scroll.

54. Ethical travel

On the last page of this idea pin example, we see something uncommon – a question for the comments!

Yes, you can get comments on idea pins, and it’s good for your engagement.

Give it a try!

55. Move abroad

The cover of this idea pin example does something really well – it pulls out 1 word and makes it much larger than the rest.

This is a fantastic way to stop pinners’ scroll.

It ends strong with not 1 but 2 CTAs – gasp!

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56. Facebook Ads

This idea pin steals a page from YouTube’s book: put a picture of a person looking worried on the thumbnail.

It grabs attention and then blows Pinterest users away with value by sharing TONS of tips.

And yes, it sticks the landing with a strong call to action! 10/10 way to sell your services.

57. New baby tips

This creator made their intention known by putting their CTA (follow @username) on every single page.

A brilliant way to funnel viewers in while also sharing tons of value.

These tips are helpful and to the point. Great content.

58. Start an Etsy shop

A photo background with a white square to display text – it’s a clean and classic look!

Pro tip: don’t put your text as close to the edge of the page as this idea pin did.

The edges are cropped on some mobile devices and viewers won’t be able to read the text.

My idea pin templates come pre-sized for mobile devices.

59. Free stock photos

Simple, clean and helpful.

This idea pin is minimalist but does the job!

But it actually looks like this idea pin has a typo in the brand name. The account name reads “Lindsay Scholz Studio” and the idea pin reads “Lindsay Studio Studio.”

Pro tip: idea pins can NOT be edited once they’ve been published, so double-check everything before hitting upload.

60. Pinterest TV

Speaking of idea pin upload mistakes, here’s one of mine.

I forgot to edit the video thumbnail of the cover graphic so the word “TV” is missing from the “Pinterest TV” title.

Embarrassing and ineffective! I was in a rush to publish this once Pinterest rolled out Pinterest TV further to more beta testers, and I got sloppy.

Pro tip: double check the idea pin thumbnail before publishing.

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61. Blog tips

Value is put front and center in this idea pin example.

Even though there are some design issues with the text hitting the edge of the graphic elements, this idea pin still sells services naturally and effectively.

Using a different image on every page but sticking to one theme helps this idea pin example feel focused but fresh.

62. Stepmom lessons

Just like the previous idea pin, this example isn’t completely perfect but it is EFFECTIVE, and that’s more important.

This was clearly repurposed from an Instagram carousel and not resized, which is something to avoid.

However the content itself shines through: great tips, strong branding and a big call to action at the end.

63. Instagram consistency

What a beaut!

This simple, clear idea pin shows off expertise in a clean way.

Using a 3-step process makes these tips seem approachable and easy to implement.

And of course, I have to mention the call to action page. Never skimp on the CTA!

64. Building trust

Many of the same accolades can be said about this example.

BUT – honorable mention of the Instagram story poll!

This is a great example of thoughtfully repurposing your content.

65. Call to action ideas

The white boxes behind the text make the content on this idea pin really pop.

Do you have a blog post or listicle piece of content that could be broken down this way?

Takes notes of how you can repurpose your content this easily!

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66. Content calendar plan

Offering 3 tips makes this piece of content succinct enough yet not too short.

This creator repeated the same photos which is actually okay to do as long as there’s different text on the page.

It ends with a selfie that offers a lot of personality and a strong call to action. Win-win!

67. DIY toilet bombs

Here’s a great example of using stock photos to teach in an effective way.

Most DIY idea pin examples would use original photos, but this creator manages to teach effectively with just stock photos.

Minimal text, simple steps and breaking this into many pages helps this pin really stand out.

68. Stasher Travel

Stasher Bags are one of the best products I’ve ever discovered, and they do a great job showing how to use their products for travel.

There’s a missed opportunity here for the Pinterest audience though: idea pins are meant to be multi-page.

If this video was broken up into multiple pages, this would be better suited for Pinterest users.

Otherwise, it’s a fantastic piece of content!

69. Best van heaters

What a simple product round-up!

Notice the product tags on each page?

Some products are eligible for tagging! It’s a great way to collaborate with brands and make affiliate income.

70. Perfect resume

What a groovy idea pin example!

This colorful cover leads right into informative inner pages that help sell this brand’s offering.

The strong call to action makes this a really effective piece of content marketing.

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Roundup Idea Pins 

Roundups are a lot like listicles but they’re more specific and rely solely on recommendations.

What recommendations are you always making to your peers or friends? A roundup idea pin on Pinterest may be calling!

71. Apps

And the award for minimalist design goes to..,

These iPhone mockups!

I love this style of teaching is simple, effective and eye-catching.

It’s a great way to jump out of the home feed.

72. Playlist

You can’t make an idea pin any simpler than this!

Standard screenshots actually serve this round-up well.

Are you getting round-up ideas for your own content?

73. Amazon finds

Following in the same vein is this list of Amazon finds.

This is a style of content that’s extremely popular on TikTok and also makes a lot of sense for Pinterest as well.

It doesn’t rely on trends or audio – great form of content propigatin.

74. Blog post ideas

Here’s another one of my idea pins and (you guessed it!) my idea pin templates.

I’ve found this cover design to be really popular with pinners, and it’s become one of my personal favorites as well.

The pop-out slide at the end with warnings and extra tips helps keep the viewers engaged and build that trust factor.

75. Journal prompts

This journal prompt round-up is simple and to the point.

The cover page actually looks like the cover of a paper journal, which will help it stand out to Pinterest users on the home feed.

Reusing the background photo and only changing the text is a great way to speed up the creation process so you can publish more idea pins more quickly.

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Idea Pins Repurposed From Social Media 

We’ve talked about smart repurposing of content, but now we’re onto the social media repurposing hall of fame!

Be inspired by these smart and effective pieces of repurposed content from social media to Pinterest idea pins.

76. YouTube how-to

Why this works: the subtitles on the cover and the point-by-point breakdown on the following pages.

You know I can’t stop myself from pointing out the strong CTA at the end.

This is a brilliant way to reshare YouTube content!

77. Fashion illustration reel

Originally published as Instagram reels, these make perfect idea pins on Pinterest!

This example goes the extra mile by uploading video on multiple pages, summarizing the brand’s big offer and ending with a huge CTA.

It’s inspirational for Pinterest users and perfect content marketing for the creator.

78. Stickers reel

We have another Instagram reel that’s living its best life on Pinterest now.

A lazy creator would just upload a reel as a single idea pin, but a smart creator breaks down the pages.

Once you have the viewer’s attention, make it known what your brand can offer.

Taking the extra time to convert your content from social media to Pinterest idea pins pays handsomely. It’s worth the work.

79. Werk life

I love Werk Life, but I wish they hadn’t cut corners on this design!

Resizing this graphic in Canva would’ve been the perfect way to disguise this social media post as original Pinterest content.

The content is still good, but it would definitely jump off the home feed more if it had been sized correctly.

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80. Camping

The first page of this idea pin has subtitles, which works perfectly. It looks like this was a repurposed Instagram story, so using their native subtitles is brilliant.

The following pages fall off the subtitle bandwagon.

It’s a good reminder that the majority of Pinterest users don’t play sound when they scroll Pinterest, so videos without subtitles won’t be consumed.

Subtitles aside, the content looks great and the pointers are really helpful.

Travel Idea Pins 

My personal favorite topic: travel.

These Pinterest idea pins don’t just share generic travel stories, but instead offer value-packed tips and save-worthy ideas. Let’s take a look.

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81. Vietnam travel 

Colorful, bold and easy to read.

This cover nails it! And the following pages get even more engaging.

Designs like this leap off the home page and screaming for Pinterest users to read them.

82. Cheap Countries For Travel

Making a great first impression with a video cover!

Following up with colorful and captivating inner pages is a win-win.

Each page gives you less information than the last example, but it’s good to experiment with different volumes of text and ideas per idea to see what’s resonating the most.

83. San Francisco travel

Gorgeous pictures and big bold text!

You’ve caught my eye.

I love the little detail of adding how far each location is from San Franciso.

This is the prefect example of experimenting with how much information top package into a single idea pin.

84. USA travel in July

Notice that the background blocking behind the text changes colors to suit the picture best.

Don’t be avraid to do this, even if it means diverging from your normal brand colors.

Clarity and readability are more important than sticking to a stringent brand pallet.

85. Packing tips

I love flipping through an idea pin and seeing videos on multiple pages!

So engaging. This pin keeps delivering value while entertaining.

These photos are very aesthetic-y, which pinners love.

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Question Idea Pins 

Not sure how to start your idea pin?

Ask a question! You create instant intrigue, and as the viewer reads your idea pin cover, they hear themselves reciting a question they never knew they had. 

86. Fashion sketching

Entertaining, educational and engaging. This pin does it all!

This example even goes a step further by giving Pinterest users a drawing challenge.

Automatically this is more engaging and will warrant more saves. Brilliant!

87. Canceled flight

HALLO value and information.

This is an incredibly high-value piece of content marketing that begs users to save it for their next flying snafu.

It’s helpful, playful and fun to read. Knocked it out of the park!

88. Laptop background

I didn’t think my computer background was boring, but I sure do now.

The viewer is instantly hooked and then given easy-to-follow steps in this simple tutorial transformation.

On the last page, there’s a push to shop for the creator’s products, which is natural and welcomed.

89. Engaging brand content

Tons of value in this idea pin! Maybe even a little too much value on each page.

To improve readability, try breaking a pin like this up into fewer slides and using bigger text. Most Pinterest users are on their phones.

Pro tip: check the text size on mobile before publishing to make sure you don’t leave any money on the table.

90. Pinterest marketing

Colorful, video on the cover, big text, brand name on every page, CTA at the end.

Checking all of the boxes!

This is one of my idea pins again, and this design has been very successful.

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Art Idea Pins

How do Pinterest’s most creative creators share their work on idea pins?

Let’s take a look!

91. Procreate gestures

This surprisingly amazing pin does exactly what’s supposed to do. With just a few slides it teaches you a few quick tricks for the Procreate app that you can put to use immediately.

Each slide contains a trick that can be explained using a single page and that’s perfect for video.

After all, why tell them when you can show them?

Idea pins are perfect for any idea that can be explained with only a few, quick steps.

92. Artist spotlight

Here is an example of an idea pin that’s much more in-depth than most.

This pin isn’t just about getting across a quick idea.

Instead, it’s all about spreading brand awareness.

The fade-in text on page 4 is really creative and makes this feel really engaging to swipe through.

93. Portrait process

What a transformation from the cover slide to the final page!

This idea pin really tells a story and brings you along for a journey.

Choosing a more eye-catching cover would help with conversions, but the content on the inner pages really sings.

94. Paint with me

Another story being told here in this idea pin.

What a simple way to let Pinterest users in a journey and show a process.

If this painting was for sale, ending with a CTA that explains how to purchase it would be an effortless way to sell to viewers without being salesy.

95. DIY Sticker

What a cute sticker design process!

Simple, entertaining and not reliant on walls of text. Perfect idea pin material.

The CTA at the end, “stay fresh cheese bags” made me smile and will definitely make me remember this piece of content, which is a currency all in itself.

Pro tip: thing about how you can make your idea pins and content in general memorable.

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Recipe Idea Pins 

Perhaps the bread and butter of idea pins, we finally arrive at recipes.

I joke – I think educational content is the bread and butter of ALL Pinterest content, but recipes technically are educational, so they still fit in!

Warning: may cause cravings.

96. Granola bars

This is an excellent example of a simple pin done really well. This recipe for granola bars is easy to make and the accompanying idea pin conveys the information really well.

There are only a few slides to this pin but they contain all the necessary information to make this recipe.

Each slide contains very concise instructions and consists of a well-chosen image and not too much text.

97. Energy bites

While this recipe is good and deserves an idea pin, it’s the inclusion of a paid product that makes it stand out as an example.

After luring us in with a recipe that looks delicious and easy to make, this creator included what can only be described as an ad.

By showing how easy it is to use this product, it makes the call to action all the more compelling.

Remember: idea pins are most than just inspiration, they can also be used to list any of your products!

98. Onion salt

This recipe for onion salt is simply inspiring. The pin strikes the perfect balance between speed, humor and inspiration and shows you how to make this simple yet unorthodox seasoning.

The slides in this video move quickly and since this recipe only includes a few steps, it works really well as a quick idea pin.

Finally, including a few examples of how you can use the seasoning in your cooking turns this simple idea into a very actionable tip!

99. Tofu BBQ

This recipe, which is delicious by the way, is an excellent example of an idea pin that works. It’s all about the seasoning and the sauce on the tofu and this pin breaks down how to make it.

By showing the end result first, this creator pulls people in. I mean, just look at it, who could resist?

After seeing the video, I felt like this complex-looking recipe is totally doable and I clicked through to their site to get the exact recipe.

In other words, here we have a simple idea that is guaranteed to turn a Pinterest impression into a website click!

100. Buffalo tofu wrap

Here we have a recipe that is perfect for an idea pin as it’s about the process more than it’s about measurements.

Every ingredient in this recipe either comes as a unit or is done to taste. I mean, you don’t need to measure an avocado nor do you need to use the exact right amount of salt!

This easy-to-understand recipe is perfect for an idea pin because all we really need to get from it is how to put it together.

Keep in mind that idea pins work best as short, clear ideas!

101. Homemade Oat Milk

Finally, this recipe idea works because of the short but super clear video included. In a quick video, this creator explains her process for making oat milk and brilliantly sells the idea that her recipe is quick and easy to make.

In order to highlight how straightforward the recipe is, she chose not to make us swipe through multiple pages but rather presented us with one short video.

The remaining pages consist of one page that once again states how easy it is and a clear call to action at the end.

Final Thoughts

Phew, that was a lot! Do we still have contact?!

I hope these examples inspired some ideas for your own pins.

Pinterest creators who don’t make idea pins are leaving money on the table. The platform is changing, and anyone who wants to stay relevant has to change with it. 

Use these Pinterest idea pins examples to give you ideas and inspiration to jumpstart your strategy today. 

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