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Pinterest Help

Your people are on Pinterest. Are they seeing your content?

They’re using it to learn, shop, plan & be inspired. They ought to be seeing, loving & sharing your content.

Pinterest isn’t for everyone. But if you’re serious about increasing your traffic and reach, then this is where to start.

What steps go into a traffic-driving Pinterest account?

1. Linking your account with all of your platforms (website, YouTube channel, Etsy shop, Instagram, etc.), and a few back-end tasks on your website.

2. Preparing your account for pinners. This includes adding a nice photo, a bio that makes sense, and boards that interest your ideal reader.

3. Adding your content to Pinterest. This can be new AND old content, as long as it’s still of value to readers. There is a right way and wrong way to do this, but luckily the right way is very simple!

4. Maintaining an active account. Pinterest likes consistency from its creators! Keep an active account that pins regularly.

Now Is The Right Time

In 2020, Pinterest announced changes that it’s favoring creators who are uploading fresh content.  

This doesn’t mean new content – if you’re new to Pinterest for traffic, then this is the perfect time to get started sharing all of your still-valuable content, even if it’s years old.

Pinterest Doesn’t Have To Be A Mystery

Unlike other platforms (I’m looking at you, Instagram), Pinterest shares what they want from creators. They even share annual transparency reports & current best practices for creators. 

What a gift Pinterest gives to its contributors! 

Approaching Pinterest As An Established Creator

Pinterest likes fresh content. Which means that blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube videos & Instagram posts from years ago can be uploaded & repurposed if they’re still relevant. Then, your work is pinned again & again, gaining momentum for seasons. 

Approaching Pinterest As A New Creator

You and I are in the same boat. I started my blog at the end of 2018 (fulfilling a 2018 resolution – better late than never!). And I knew 1 thing for sure: I would not keep writing if no one was reading it. So, I took a Pinterest course as I published my first blog post, and, you know what?

I’ve had traffic to my website from Pinterest every single day since then.

There are no guarantees when it comes to SEO. If I made you a promise about numbers and reach, I wouldn’t be telling the truth. But some facts we do know: there are more than 2 billion searches on Pinterest per month. (source) People are using the platform to learn, plan and be inspired.

Who could be learning, planning or getting inspired by your content?

How People Felt About Getting Help With Pinterest

Pinterest coach testimonial_Writing From Nowhere_Kayla Ihrig

“As an Instagram coach, Pinterest was daunting to me. It’s so different and I just didn’t understand how it worked or how I could market my business there. Kayla was so good at explaining the Pinterest basics to me. I had so many questions and she patiently made sure I grasped everything. Kayla showed me the correct way to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog. It’s such a powerful platform I can’t believe I took this long to get into it! I highly recommend Kayla to show you the ropes with Pinterest. She knows her stuff and that clearly shows with her own Pinterest results!”

Sophie L.

Travel Philosophie

My Services For Creators


I get you where your account needs to be. Then, followed up with coaching, and you’ll be to the moon by this time next year.


See how the tofu bacon gets made, and learn how to run your account successfully.

Virtual Assistance

Buckle up & enjoy the ride. You do what you do best, and I’ll handle your Pinterest strategy

How People Felt About Getting Pinterest Launch

Kayla launched the Pinterest account for my babysitting company, Baby’s First Sitter. We quickly went from zero to having an online presence there. She really knows her way around the platform and was great to work with!”

Pinterest launch is the right fit for you if…

  • You’re busy focusing on other projects and can’t do the heavy lifting right now
  • You ultimately want to manage your account yourself, but want help getting started

What comes with Pinterest launch…

  • Account prepared for pinners
  • Walk through of back-end tasks to verify your platforms
  • Pin cover design
  • Content SEO
  • Maximization of old content

How People Felt About Getting Pinterest Coaching

“As a new small business owner, I appreciate Kayla’s insight, enthusiasm and patience. During my coaching session, Kayla presented a detailed Pinterest overview that covered account set up, SEO, scheduling content on Tailwind and more! I was impressed that she tailored our conversation specifically to my industry. After just one session with Kayla I have the confidence that I need to give my business a strong presence on Pinterest. With this foundation I’ll be able to market my business with a fresh perspective. I highly recommend Kayla’s coaching services!”

Pinterest coaching is the right fit for you if…

  • You use Pinterest and enjoy the platform
  • You pride yourself on being a figure-ANYTHING-out kind of person
  • You’re happiest when you’ve learn

What comes with Pinterest coaching…

  • Walk-through of setting up your account
  • Explanation of Pinterest for traffic
  • Checklists for publishing
  • Response to questions and weekly phone calls
  • Feedback and suggestions on writing, pin design and strategy

How People Felt About Getting Pinterest Virtual Assistance

“I connected with Kayla in a Pinterest group, and in talking with her, I loved her energy and enthusiasm for the platform, just like myself. Outsourcing my Pinterest business activity to her was really a no brainer. She’s easy to work with, has a great eye for design, and I can rest assured my account is in good hands! She fills my Tailwind each week, rotates my content always according to the most updated guidelines, and stays on top of keywords and descriptions! It’s a huge weight off my shoulders. I have seen an increase in growth, and I know that with continued consistent activity, it’s going to grow even bigger. Very thankful for her and her help!!”

Pinterest virtual assistance is the right fit for you if…

  • You’re an efficiency addict
  • You want to skip the learning curve and move straight to implementing strategy
  • When you’re in your zone of genius, WATCH OUT! But Pinterest is not your zone of genius

With Pinterest virtual assistant, you will get…

  • Account prepared for pinners
  • Back-end tasks handled to verify your domains
  • Pin cover design
  • SEOed content
  • Full pin schedule maintained
  • Maximization of old content
  • Real-time pinning reaction to Pinterest search trends

Ready To Talk About Your Pinterest Account?

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