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Make Pinterest Story Pins From Instagram Reels

August 13, 2020 No Comments
*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.*

Have you tried Instagram reels yet? Are you obsessed? I know I was at first. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – you can keeping reelin’ proudly, because you can put those reels to good use in another way: Pinterest story pins.

Pause now and pin so that you can find this later πŸ‘‡

Turn your Instagram reels into Pinterest Story Pins_Kayla Ihrig_Writing From Nowhere

What Is A Pinterest Story Pin?

Story pins are relatively new, and depending on where you live they might not be available yet.

In Pinterest’s own words, story pins give creators more ways to share ideas. Specific, eh?

What you really need to know is that story pins show pinners how to do something completely, without the viewer needing more information.

Think, a video on someone repairing a tear in jeans. Or, a recipe where the cook shows how much of every ingredient was used, and tells you the steps as they go.

This explains the key difference between story pins and normal pins: there is no click-through with story pins.

Pinterest story pins are tied to your account, but you don’t enter a link. There’s no click-through built into the Pinterest story pins feature.

Because, readers aren’t supposed to need to click.

Creators are supposed to list steps and have the slides (either video or photos) offer up all of the information that a pinner needs to bring this idea to life.

It’s reminiscent of recipe pins, where Pinterest invited recipe bloggers to enter their recipe directly into Pinterest. It created a smoother experience for pinners, because they could glance at ingredient lists without being redirected off the page. But, it resulted in fewer click-throughs to the website itself.

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Pure imagery (like wanderlust photos, , makeup, etc.) is not the goal. Your opportunity here is to share something informative, which is the direction all content should be pointing anyway.

My first two Pinterest story pins were an easy DIY plant fertilizer and 5 steps to reducing your laundry’s footprint.

So, Why Bother With Pinterest Story Pins?

The point of a blogger using Pinterest is to direct users to their website, so without that potential, it’s fair to wonder why you should even bother.

I have 2 points to convince you to give Pinterest story pins a roll:

1. Content propagation, my friend

Take one piece of content and spread it far and wide for your audience to read, watch, listen to, etc.

It maximizes your efforts, and serves your audience as well: some individuals will prefer to consume your content via a podcast, while others would be better served by a written explanation or a YouTube video.

2. Pinterest is pushing video production

Pinterest wants creators to be uploading video content. We know this because they have expanded their video options for creators: video pins (like normal pins, but mp4) and story pins.

Heck, Pinterest even created the feature to bulk upload 200 videos at once. The writing is on the wall. It’s time to incorporate video content into your Pinterest strategy. { bulk uploader }

Plus, video content is outperforming static pins, hands down.*

*Now, I’m making this statement based on my own research. I’m a Pinterest manager, Pinterest coach and content creator. Perhaps this trend will change, but as of August 2020 this is the result I’ve been seeing.

My clients and I are seeing unprecedented initial reach right after publishing.

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Let me show you the Pinterest story pin that really got my attention towards this shift:

Pinterest story pins made from Instagram reels_Kayla Ihrig_Writing From Nowhere

Now let me just say, yes, there are many reasons that pins reach a higher or lower number of people. But I’ve never seen reach like that within the first few minutes of publishing, ever.

Days later, that static pin on the right still hasn’t caught up to where this Pinterest story pin was within the first 5 minutes.

And, this Pinterest story pin wasn’t a fluke. That was my first pass at story pins, and the second one hit even higher numbers.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels is the latest shiny opportunity to go viral on Pinterest. Reels are videos that last for 15 seconds or less, and yes, it was indeed a blatant attempt at keeping up with TikTok.

It’s a much different pace than IGTV videos, which need to be at least 1 minute long to qualify.

To understand what kind of opportunity there really was down the Instagram reels rabbit hole, I performed an A/B test between IGTV and Instagram reels.

Two days in a row I uploaded two similar videos:

One was an Instagram reel of my bike ride through the Netherlands { reel }

The next day, I shared an IGTV of (hold onto your hat) my bike ride through the Netherlands { IGTV }

With similar hashtags, posted at the same time of day, in the first 48 hours my IGTV got about 100 views, and my IG reel gathered 500+.

There seems to be a clear favoring of reels while it’s still new, which means there’s no time like the present to jump in and try them out. The exact same can be said about Pinterest story pins.

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It makes perfect sense to marry these two new features and dive in while it’s still hot.

How To Turn Your Instagram Reels Into Pinterest Story Pins

Step 1: Inside of Instagram, save your reel to your camera roll. The audio won’t save, but that’s okay. Don’t do it the backwards way, where you record your screen watching the video so that you can use the audio (I see you).

IG is protecting you from copyright infringement by doing this. Be cool.

Step 2: Open Pinterest and click “create,” the select “create story pin.”

Step 3: [ Upload ] Drag and drop your saved Instagram reel and a cover photo.

Step 4: [ Design ] Configure the Pinterest story pin with text, background color, etc.

Step 5: [ Details ] Write out the steps or bullet points that will give the information they need to complete this

Step 6: [ Audience ] Give your story pin a title, assign it to a board and add tags.

Step 7: [ Publish ] Send your Pinterest story pin out in the world and see what kind of results you get!

If you’re already making informational Instagram reels, then you have nothing to lose by uploading that video as a Pinterest story pin.


Will you take this new Pinterest feature by the horns? I hope that you do – I think it may be the new honey pot, for however long. Even if Pinterest story pins aren’t the honeypot themselves, it’s looking pretty clear that video is. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or via email at

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