You’ve worked hard creating a business from scratch, and when a tool comes along and offers to make your life easier and improve your results, you’re probably excited but also a little skeptical. That’s exactly how I felt about the plugin Link Whisper, and I’m here to answer all of your questions and quench your curiosities with this Link Whisper review.

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You can expect this Link Whisper review to be different from others you’ll find on the web. There won’t be any technical talk here because, frankly, I can’t understand that stuff either.

This Link Whisper review is for the common online folk, the solopreneurs, the figuring-it-out-on-the-fly creators. Consider yourself warned!

Never let being non-techy stop you from starting or expanding your online business. Let my biz serve as proof that you can build an entire online business with Google and YouTube as your co-pilots.

Starting At The Beginning: What Is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is an internal linking plugin that makes adding links to your site from your site (aka internal linking) faster and easier.

The important bullet points: it only works for WordPress websites, and costs $77 a year.

You can visit the Link Whisper website here for more specs.

What’s The Deal With Internal Links, Anyway?

Cue the ba-badup-bup-ba bass line from Seinfield. Before I dive into the Link Whisper review, I need to first offer some background on the importance of links for all those who are unfamiliar.

Links are gold to online business owners. When someone links to your website, it tells search engines that your content is helpful. In addition to bringing you in traffic, this will also help raise your domain authority (DA).

When you link to your own content within your website, it signals to search engines that you cover topics thoroughly, have many resources for readers and are potentially an expert.

An Example Of The Power Of Internal Link Building

Imagine googling “first-time car owner” and arriving at a blog post teaching you all of the car basics. It told you that you have to change your oil every 4,000 miles, and linked to another blog post on their site explaining that process in detail.

Next, they taught you about windshield wiper fluid, and linked to another blog post comparing best budget brands.

And then they taught you about the emergency supplies in case you break down, and linked to another blog post on their site all about emergency protocols.

Do you see how much value they’re providing through their internal links? As a reader, you get the sense that this site is an authority.

Google picks up those same vibes. Internal links demonstrate authority and expertise. It entices visitors to click around, which reduces your bounce rate (the number of visitors who enter and exit your site without clicking to another page).

It also increases the likelihood that they’ll spend more time on your site in general; the longer someone stays on your site, the better.

Increased internal links, reduced bounce rate and increased time spent on site all point towards better SEO rankings and user experiences.

Sounds pretty good, eh? Now that we’ve established the opportunity that lies within a robust approach to internal link building, let’s see if Link Whisper is the right tool to help you get there.

Who Is Link Whisper For?

Almost every blogger can benefit from Link Whisper.

Established bloggers with websites full of content can quickly link back to old posts, find orphaned posts on their website and instantly build links back to them.

For new or newish content creators, I feel that Link Whisper touches on the second habit from Stephen Covey’s famous text The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: begin with the end in mind.

If you assume that you will continue writing about your subject matter, growing your traffic, expertise and income, it will be a poor use of your time to manage link building manually.

Not only is manually adding links time consuming, but I reckon it’s impossible in practice to be as effective as using Link Whisper.

This doesn’t have to be a life-time payment:

Should you buy Link Whisper for a year and choose not to renew annually, all of your links will still permanently remain.

Why not make 2021 your year of content? Go guns-blazing at improving the user experience

Who Is Link Whisper Not For?

Link Whisper is not for creators who don’t have a focus on content generation.

You know, the “I’ll Upwork 3 blog posts to have something on my blog tab, but I’m not a blogger” breed.

No shade here, I’m just being clear that this Link Whisper review isn’t trying to sell you on the product. It won’t benefit everyone.

Additionally, bloggers who are unfocused won’t reap the full benefits of Link Whisper. I’ve seen many bloggers in their beginning days (and I was one, myself) who blogged about unrelated topics.

Travel. Ecology. Health and wellness. We’ve all been there.

But this his unfocused content model is unproductive when it comes to internal linking because the pieces don’t necessarily feed into each other.

The effectiveness of Link Whisper hinges on the assumption that if a reader finds one of your blog posts helpful, they’ll probably find other blog posts of yours helpful as well.

Link Whisper In Action: How It Works

Adding Links With Link Whisper Within Your Blog Post Draft

Within your blog post draft on WordPress, if you scroll down to the bottom you will see the Link Whisper plugin at work:

graph showing how link whisper works

This is helpful, but I’ll be honest: this is not where the money’s at for Link Whisper in my opinion. The crown jewel of this software is the next feature, auto-linking.

Adding Unlimited Internal Links With A Few Clicks

The bulk-adding feature is the most valuable part of Link Whisper. If you choose to dive in after reading this Link Whisper review, you’ll quickly experience a tidal wave of internal links on your site.

Let’s walk through how this process goes: let’s say a recipe blogger publishes a new blog post on creative ways to use potatoes.

That recipe blogger will open Link Whisper, add the keyword “potato” and immediately link that new blog post to every existing blog post that uses potatoes on their website.

Now, in case you’re wondering: it’s not absolute. You have control over how many links are added per post (I recommend sticking to one link per post, no need to bombard people), and you can remove a link easily if you’d rather not include a link there.

graph showing how link whisper works

Website Analysis

In addition to the actionable tools, Link Whisper offers overview and analysis of your website’s links:

multiple graphs show analysis of links

Tips For Best Use

Content Planning

Remembering to begin with the end in mind, you can make your life easier now even if you’re not ready to make the investment yet.

As you write now, consider the blog posts you’ll write or the keywords your brand will try to rank for in the next 6-12 months.

I’ll give an example from my own website. A pillar of my brand has always been saving money, and I now describe this act as the intentional decision of lifestyle deflation.

However, for the first two years of my blog, I hadn’t arrived at the term “lifestyle deflation” yet. I was still feeling around in the dark, talking about “saving money,” “reducing costs,” “cost-cutting,” “frugal living,” etc.

It was disorganized, and these words were difficult to auto-link to. After purchasing Link Whisper, I realized my brand’s need for improved consistency.

Look at the content you hope to make down the road, and start using those keywords now. Reverse-engineering this makes your internal link building easier, in addition to improving the cohesiveness of your content ecosystem.

The takeaway: keep your messaging consistent. Identify your brand keywords and keywords you hope to rank for in the next 6 months or a year, and start using those keywords in your content writing now.

Link Whisper Review: Final Thoughts

Link Whisper is one of the best online business tools I picked up in 2020, and I hope this Link Whisper review helped you determine if it’s a good investment for your brand or not.

Is link building an important part of your content strategy? What strategies work for you when building internal links? I’d love to hear in the comments or on Instagram at @kayla_ih!

If after this Link Whisper review you’d like to read more, you can check out Link Whisper on its website.