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Content Marketing Manager

Your content marketing deserves to reach its potential

Your content (even the old stuff) can sell for you 24/7 instead of gathering dust

(we have candy!)


You know your content could sell more.

How much easier would business be if…

✅ SEOed articles appeared in your drafts, ready for you to hit *publish* 
✅ Social content was waiting for your approval to nurture + scale 
✅ Video scripts were produced + your videos were optimized
✅ Pinterest ran (and GREW) on autopilot 

Your marketing headaches are my perfect workday

Does this sound like you?

You’re TIRED of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you disappointing results.

Chasing new content “hacks” is draining on your energy and your time. 

You feel like everyone else has it figured out.

You see friends getting huge returns on their Pinterest, blog and more (and you wonder what you’re missing). 

Your audience LOVES your content… 

…you just need to attract more of the right people to keep scaling. 

You know another course isn’t the answer.

Your zone of genius needs you, and your content marketing needs someone confidant at the helm. 

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

You were never supposed to need to do it all yourself. 

How could you stay on top of your field (you’re crushing it, by the way) WHILE mastering content marketing and monitoring trends at the same time? 

The reality is: you need marketing help to reach your potential in your niche. 

Imagine the Possibility

What if you could finally feel confident in your content marketing?

Imagine waking up to effective content made for you, waiting for your review.  

You need

A Content Marketing Manager

There’s nothing I love more than solving the content puzzle for businesses

How It Works

Set up for success

1. Setup + Strategy

Set your content up for success with platforms that are ready to be discovered and funnel viewers. 

Content that lasts

2. New Searchable Content

The secret to content that lasts in searchability. This means optimized…


3. Improve Existing Content ROI

Let me comb through your years-old content and improve it by…

Driving eyeballs

4. Scaled Visibility

Search optimization will bring in hot leads from Google, Pinterest and YouTube… but what about your audience on social? We’ll engage social platforms with…

Why It Works

A good marketer follows the 80/20 rule: 
what’s your 20% of effort that’s driving 80% of your results?

A case study

For 3 years, I’ve been doubling down on what drives the biggest results for this client’s Pinterest account: 

>> In 2023 alone, the account saw a 466% increase in website saves <<

Who is this for

Is this package for you?

Become A Happy Client

The Process


Perfect Fit

It needs to be the perfect fit for both of us. First, we’ll discuss needs on a call. 


Custom Proposal

If it feels right, I’ll send over a proposal for your consideration.  


Services Liftoff

Onboarding documents are poised and ready for your.

"Before working with Kayla, managing my company’s content marketing felt time-consuming and scattered. Since Kayla took over in 2022, the transformation has been incredible! Our website traffic, social engagement, and email list have grown substantially as a direct result of Kayla’s efforts, and I feel more optimistic than ever. "

— Jordan Truster, Loveleigh Loops


What clients love


Never ask for anything – I’ll provide everything without ever needing to be asked 

Weekly Check-In

Never wonder where tasks are at and what’s coming 


I care about getting you results as if it were my own business 


Done for you


Guiding your VA



What's it like to work together?

The internet is full of fake testimonials.

No doubts here – all recommendations are verified on LinkedIn. 

“I have loved working with Kayla. She’s incredibly organized, super friendly and has a lot of expertise in the areas of Pinterest, SEO, blogging & social media strategies.”

— Regan Baroni

“You’ll never regret hiring Kayla. You’ll regret that you didn’t hire her sooner!”

— Aurelia Lambrechts

“Kayla’s work is thorough, meticulously researched, and a pleasure to read. She is reliable, thoughtful and always turns work in on time (often early).”

— Lauren Kane Joyner

"I can’t say enough good things about working with Kayla. I reply to most of her emails with: “You’re the BEST” (and I always mean it!). She has been managing our content marketing since 2022 and has revolutionized our strategy, significantly elevating our brand's online presence. Beyond the numbers, Kayla is the most organized and dependable person I have ever worked with."

— Jillian truster, Loveleigh Loops

How it works

Here’s what happens when you buy

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About Me

Hi, I'm Kayla

I’m an over-communicator, a spreadsheet nut and I end every email with a smiley face. 

By trade, I’m a graphic designer and a writer. I started this website for fun in 2018, and it turned into a content marketing business and a book deal. 

I’ve worked with organizations of all types and sized: nonprofits, government organizations and large corporations. I work with people who have great content. 

Is that you?

Headshot of Kayla Ihrig in the sun sitting in front of a palm tree smiling

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No. I’ve had the joy of working with many different niches: professional chess, fashion design, coaching and more.

I choose to work with businesses that have great content, regardless of specialty. 

Yes, you’re welcome to repurpose my 

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