Leaving Your 9-5

  • Who Is Kayla Of Writing From Nowhere?

    “You’re living in a dream world, sweetheart.” Was that supposed to be an insult? A male Karen hurled that at me over a bag of trail mix, as I shared that I was on a search for fulfillment. The precise sentiment that sparked this retort, oddly enough, was me saying that I wanted a pet […]

  • Tips For Transitioning To Remote Work After A Lay Off

    Transitioning to remote work isn’t always the travel-filled, palm tree-lined path to freedom that many people envision. For some, the transition to remote work comes at a difficult chapter in life: after being laid off from their job. Today, we have the privilege of hearing about one woman’s journey to remote work after being laid […]

  • Should You Start A Brand? Weigh These Factors

    Woman walking down mountain path with hiking poles

    All successful creators, no matter what type of content they’re passionate about, all have something in common: they made the decision to start a brand.  Or maybe, they didn’t even specifically pursue the idea of a “brand,” per se, but they wanted to create and build something for themselves online.  If you’ve been watching these […]