Work From Anywhere

The benefits of working remotely are unmatched: work from an office space, your couch, a plane flying over the Mediterranean at sunrise.

The paths to this lifestyle of freedom are plentiful: you can find a remote job, negotiate your current position to be location independent or start your own business.

The process of going remote will not be without growing pains. Many people go remote and ultimately choose to revert back to their office because the process failed or it wasn’t for them.

Let me help you prepare and transition into your new lifestyle of freedom. Where will you go first?

  • Digital Nomad Destinations: How To Pick What’s Right For YOU

    A woman looking into a Venice canal

    There’s an endless list of digital nomad destinations and picking the right one can be tricky. There’s no shortage of gorgeous potential destinations (or advice online) but how do you know which one is right for YOU? With the surge of people deciding to go remote during the pandemic, interest in working away from home […]

  • The Wilds Are Working: PA Wilds Remote Work Program

    The front tip of a purple kayak on a river, with a woman in a yellow kayak to the right and lush green trees surrounding the river.

    Imagine waking up tomorrow in a small town nestled between rolling green mountains. You start your day with an early hike, then head to a local coworking space for the day. In the late afternoon, you close your laptop and take a kayak out on the water to detach from work. After your paddle, you […]

  • How To Plan Your First Workation

    A workation… isn’t that just taking your work with you on those precious days off?? Not if you do it correctly. Yes, it technically is just a working vacation, but it’s more profound than that. Instead of logging in from your home computer, you can login from somewhere warm. Somewhere beautiful. Or at least, somewhere […]