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Pinterest SEO Checklist (From A Pinterest Manager)

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SEO for Pinterest isn’t as mysterious as it sounds. Truth be told, it’s actually a lot friendlier than SEO for Google, but many accounts miss the mark completely whenever it comes to the basics of Pinterest SEO.  Then, they waste their time publishing pins that stand no chance of reaching the masses in search results and driving hoards of website traffic. *sad violin plays, sc[...]


How To Get Pinterest Followers On Autopilot

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If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably been researching how to get Pinterest followers and you’ve been sifting through some contradicting advice.  Followers on Pinterest aren’t essential to success, yet everyone still wants them.  And with more than 400,000,000 monthly users, there's no reason that an effective Pinterest strategy SHOULDN'T be driving follower[...]


Where To Share Your Pinterest Account (= More Exposure!)

There are a million blog posts on optimizing your Pinterest account, doing keyword research, and avoiding pitfalls like the spam blocker (dun-dun-DUN).  …yet the off-Pinterest Pinterest tasks are often totally overlooked.  We’ve all been guilty of this, but now it’s finally time to dust off these basic Pinterest to-dos that have been sitting on your to-do list! [...]


Pinterest Account Suspended? Me Too. Here’s What To Do

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It's the *worst* feeling: you open Pinterest, like any other day, and see that your Pinterest account is suspended for no reason. You feel panicked, upset, wonder what you did wrong, but you come up with nothing. Your Pinterest account was seemingly suspended for no reason. Sadly, you're in excellent company: speaking from personal experience, Pinterest has mistakenly suspended many a[...]


How Should You Do Pinterest Keyword Research In 2023?

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Anyone in the world can upload their content on Pinterest and have it be enjoyed by pinners all over the world. How incredible is that?! You have the power to reach and impact an infinite number of lives. Just make sure that you do the right Pinterest keyword research so that your pins can be found by the masses.  Without keyword research, though, it will be thrown into the ocean[...]


How To Make Multiple Pinterest Pins For The Same URL

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One of the greatest things about Pinterest for creators is the ability to upload multiple pins pointing to the same URL. What a gift! You can experiment with different images and titles, show off new branding, use a set of templates, or just get another chance if your initial pin flops.  You can even bulk upload certain types of pins. Pinterest is a search engine, not a social[...]


How To Set Up A Winning Pinterest Account

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When did you set up your Pinterest account? Did you know what you were doing? At the time, did you understand all of the opportunities to optimize your Pinterest account for search discoverability?  For a lot of creators on Pinterest, the answers to those questions are “years ago, and I had no idea what I was doing.” I so hear you.  First things first: good for you for[...]


How To Use Pinterest For Beginners 2023

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The process of beginning a website is a herculean task. You pick a name, research the best host, choose a theme and gather the gumption to hit publish when you still have no idea what you’re doing. Pour the champagne! You did it! And then, like the inevitable hangover, comes the thought: who is going to find and read this? The answer is Pinterest. Let me show you exactly how to use Pint[...]


How To Spot And Recover From The Pinterest Spam Block

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So, you think you've been mistakenly caught by the Pinterest spam block? You're in good company *gestures to the entire Pinterest creator base.* The Pinterest spam filter has caught SO many accounts for no particular reason, but you're not helpless. My scripts have helped set tons of accounts free. Let's get out the jaws of life and pull your Pinterest account back into the light.[...]


Idea Pins On Pinterest: Everything You Need To Know

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Your mind is probably swirling with questions about idea pins on Pinterest: what's the point, do I have to, what does Pinterest want from us?! After reading this Pinterest idea pins guide, you'll understand what idea pins are all about and will be able to immediately start designing successful idea pins for your brand. Whether you like 'em or hate 'em, the story feature is becoming ub[...]

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