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How To Make SEO Work for Your Small Business

A Black woman sups a coffee cup in her pajamas at her laptop with a city skyline outside of the window behind her

We live in an amazing time. Small businesses don’t have to make commercials or hire a top-tier marketing firm to get their message to the public. Businesses have access to cheaper but effective marketing tools, one of the most important of which is search engine optimization. Indeed, just a little knowledge of SEO for small businesses can help improve your search engine rankings and bra[...]


Instagram To Pinterest: Posts, Reels & Stories

A woman holds her phone, looking at Instagram. The background and the woman are blurred

Have you been spending more time than you ever imagined possible filming 15-second videos? How bizarre. Yep, I'm lookin' at you, Instagram reels. But don't sweat it, because you can transfer all of that hard work from Instagram to Pinterest. Instagram and Pinterest are a match made in heaven! You put a lot of effort into your content generation, and as long as it's value-packed, there[...]


Hiring A Pinterest Manager? Here’s What You Need To Know

A woman stands above a busy desk covered in artwork. She looks like she's thinking. Behind her artwork covers the walls.

Congratulations - hiring a Pinterest manager means that business must be booming! You are about to make a *very* wise investment. Many biz owners would reach instead for a social media manager, but a Pinterest manager will bring in more leads, generate more brand reach and do work that will continue reaching people for years. Needing to outsource is a good problem to have, yet I[...]


Link Whisper Review: The Plugin You Need For Link Building?

A woman sits on a couch in an apartment on her laptop

You've worked hard creating a business from scratch, and when a tool comes along and offers to make your life easier and improve your results, you're probably excited but also a little skeptical. That's exactly how I felt about the plugin Link Whisper, and I'm here to answer all of your questions and quench your curiosities with this Link Whisper review. You can expect this Link W[...]


Pinterest Marketing: 30 Pinterest Strategy Ideas

a hand is holding a phone displaying social network apps, including Pinterest

As with all aspects of our business, sometimes we just fall into funks. It seems like the daily grind, and we've lost the joy to energy to try new things and be experimental. Your Pinterest marketing and Pinterest strategy are no exceptions. Along the journey of perfection your Pinterest marketing, you'll get tired or lose momentum from time to time.  That is precisely why I[...]


Google vs. Pinterest: Differences & Opportunities

Google vs. Pinterest_Writing From Nowhere_Kayla Ihrig

Google vs. Pinterest: they're both search engines, and we're all using them. And for creators, they're both ceilingless opportunities for traffic. But how are they different, and what insight can those differences give us to help creators get more traffic?  That's what I'm diving into today on Writing From Nowhere. As a professional blogger and Pinterest coach, both Google and Pin[...]

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