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Brand Personality Can Make Or Break Your Biz. Here’s What You Need

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How do you recognize chemistry between yourself and another person? Some normal indicators are that you like being around them, they make you chuckle and there's just that click. Brands don't have disposable time and attention span to foster that chemistry, so they must do it quickly through a well-developed brand personality. Just like humans, brands that lack personality will strugg[...]


How To Get Back To Enjoying The Journey As An Entrepreneur

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Today I have a heavy question for you. A question for those who have decided to strike out on their own and start their own business; AKA, embarking on the journey of a lifetime. After months or years of hustling, are you still enjoying the journey? Starting your online career generally comes with an initial feeling of euphoria. Pop some bubbly and tell everyone! Thank you for my recei[...]


Hiring A Pinterest Manager? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Congratulations - hiring a Pinterest manager means that business must be booming! You are about to make a *very* wise investment. Many biz owners would reach instead for a social media manager, but a Pinterest manager will bring in more leads, generate more brand reach and do work that will continue reaching people for years. Needing to outsource is a good problem to have, yet I[...]


Client Workflow For New Entrepreneurs: 3 Simple Steps To Efficiency

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So you decided to start your own business! Congratulations! But, now what? Time and time again I see new business starting out strong but buckle under the weight of growth. That’s where this 3-step client workflow for new entrepreneurs comes in.  When you start your new business you don’t always have a lot of cash flow to invest in tools to keep you organized and you also may[...]


Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset: Your Make-Or-Break Approach

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Almost every single silver-bullet promise or secret ingredient to life and entrepreneurship are false hopes. Now that that's out in the open, let me just say that a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset is one of those mermaid exceptions. Having a growth mindset is essential for budding entrepreneurs. While building your business, it will seem like practically every day you are confronted[...]


How To Survive Remote Work Life In 2021

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In many ways, remote work life has never been easier. There's a tool for everything! You can work from literally anywhere! But sometimes instead of an exotic, stimulating locale, you end up working 12-hour days from your couch in your bathrobe. *cough, 2020* You may look down at the crumbs and coffee stains that have enveloped your pajamas and think: What has happened to me?! It's just[...]


How To Write A Business Blog: Content Creation For New Entrepreneurs

One of the best ways to create awareness and interest in your new business is to write a business blog. Unlike other blogs you see online, a business blog is one that promotes your products or services, in a very subtle but compelling way. But how do you write a business blog with smart content creation strategies that convert readers into customers? I have answers to all of your question[...]


An Online Biz Could Be Your Answer To Everything, But Hear This Out

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So, you're thinking about starting your own online biz? If you commit and manage to make your online biz successful, it will be rewarding beyond words and open up an endless row of doors for you. If you fail, you'll likely end up in a similar position to where you are now: in an employee-employer relationship (I'm assuming). When you look at the big picture, it's a cinch, right?[...]


Keysearch 101: How To Use Keysearch For Beginners

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The early days of starting an online business are spent largely down the Google rabbit hole, desperately trying to get your footing on what needs to be figured out now, what tools need to be paid for and what can wait for later. Rest assured: keyword research is *not* something that can wait for later for an online business, and Keysearch is one of the most important tools you'll purchase[...]

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