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Travel Wellness Kit: How To Take Care Of Yourself On The Road

A woman stands with her back to the camera, wrapped in a blanket. There is a bright red sunset over mountains in the background

Traveling becomes uncomfortable, expensive and loses its shine when you are unwell on the road. This travel wellness kit will help minimize all of these discomforts and inconveniences so you can focus on being in the moment and enjoying your time in this special destination. Staying well while traveling is always important, but it's even more paramount when you are a digital nomad or[...]


How To Live Your Ideal Life In 6 Months With Lifestyle Design

A woman in a yellow jacket stands in a field of yellow flowers, facing away from the camera, looking thoughtful

Do you feel at odds with life's conveyer belt? You have the job and salary, but it doesn't feel like a victory? Or maybe you're still working towards those pillars of modern life and are realizing that you don't even want them. Well, your ideal life is out there, and you can achieve it with lifestyle design. Society's standard package is something we're all familiar with: a house ful[...]


What’s Holding You Back From Your Desired Life? These 4 Dream Killers

A Black woman stands on a bridge that curves through a forest. She is wearing a backpack and looking thoughtful

When you see other people living their desired lifestyles, what's your emotional reaction? Do you wonder what they know that you don't? You might be surprised at what's holding you back from your ideal life: these 4 dream killers are the most common. The biggest factors that hurt your odds of deciding and executing your desired lifestyle (AKA lifestyle design) transcend income bracket[...]


Why Start An Online Business: 5 Reasons To Go For It In 2023

Hands write in a planner on a wooden desk with a laptop, coffee cup, pair of glasses and polaroids laid out.

After the virtual tidal wave in 2020, there's very little one can't do online. There have never been more answers to the question "why start an online business," but I reckon you're still hesitating if you find yourself here reading this. Is it the dauntingness of the unknown? Or maybe you're unsure what business to even start? There have truly never been more answers to the quest[...]


Career Fulfillment: How To Know If Your Career Isn’t A Good Match

A woman's hands type on a laptop.

You've worked hard to get where you're at in your career. You studied, hustled and sweat to advance in your profession. Yet, you may have a nagging or even shameful feeling of unhappiness. The likely source? Lack of career fulfillment. The feeling you're experiencing may be dull and obscure, but lack of career fulfillment could be the exact pinpoint of your emotions. The definitio[...]


Lifestyle Deflation: How To Afford Your Dream Lifestyle

A cabin sits amongst trees on a mountainside, with the sun setting in the background

Everyone's heard of inflation, but have you heard deflation? The simple act of lifestyle deflation will move mountains as you work on achieving your dream lifestyle. If you've never heard of lifestyle deflation before, you may be asking yourself: what does lifestyle deflation even look like in practice? Lifestyle deflation looks like cutting expenses where you can. Reducing your s[...]


Are You Sleepwalking Through Life? How To Live Consciously

An overly-large full-moon hides behind a mountain in a mountain range. The photo is distorted to appear overly pink and dreamy

It's a very confronting question: am I sleepwalking through life? No matter how vigilantly you try to live consciously, at one point or another the answer will probably be yes. Deciding to tune out the numb hum of modern life and consciously absorb every part of our day is a noble task, and takes great awareness. I reckon most people never bother to actively live consciously because s[...]


Sustainable Gift Ideas For Seriously Anyone

Pocket-sized Stasher bag holding doTERRA essential oils with a blurry house plant in the foreground

You're interested in reducing your impact on the environment - I can tell, because you're here! At Writing From Nowhere, looking for sustainable gift ideas. Welcome, friend. But I reckon that not everyone in your life shares our interest in reducing their landfill contribution. A bidet and composter may not be the home-run gift for your sibling that it would be for you. That's[...]


Paste This Into Your Next Review To Encourage Sustainable Practices

Whether they realize it or not, consumers wield the mighty power of the pen (or rather, keyboard). Product reviews on Amazon, business reviews on Yelp and accommodation reviews on Airbnb have strengthened the power of reviewers. Your voice gets to be heard by the public and business owners! And I think it's the perfect place to respectfully encourage sustainable practices that would make[...]


Low-Waste On-The-Go Kit: 9 Tools To Help You Reduce Waste

Sustainable travel packing list_Writing From Nowhere_Kayla Ihrig

Your low-waste lifestyle shouldn't halt as soon as you're on-the-go or traveling. With a few simple tools, you can easily remain low-waste on-the-go! In this blog post, I'm sharing my favorite 9 tools that help me reduce waste on-the-go. By gathering a few tools, you can create a low waste on-the-go kit that's affordable and effective at reducing your landfill contribution. An adde[...]

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