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Are You Sleepwalking Through Life? How To Live Consciously

An overly-large full-moon hides behind a mountain in a mountain range. The photo is distorted to appear overly pink and dreamy

It's a very confronting question: am I sleepwalking through life? No matter how vigilantly you try to live consciously, at one point or another the answer will probably be yes. Deciding to tune out the numb hum of modern life and consciously absorb every part of our day is a noble task, and takes great awareness. I reckon most people never bother to actively live consciously because s[...]


Sustainable Gift Ideas For Seriously Anyone

Pocket-sized Stasher bag holding doTERRA essential oils with a blurry house plant in the foreground

You're interested in reducing your impact on the environment - I can tell, because you're here! At Writing From Nowhere, looking for sustainable gift ideas. Welcome, friend. But I reckon that not everyone in your life shares our interest in reducing their landfill contribution. A bidet and composter may not be the home-run gift for your sibling that it would be for you. That's[...]


Just In Case Travel Kit You Shouldn’t Go Without

A woman (the author of this blog) sits in front of a map, looking at a passport and vomit bag in her hand

During the Great Depression, there was a slogan: use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. When you're far from home, with different resources and limited money, this philosophy is golden. When you're out on the road, things will break and go wrong - it's all a part of the travel gig. This just in case travel kit will have your back wherever your travels take you. I've pu[...]


Paste This Into Your Next Review To Encourage Sustainable Practices

Whether they realize it or not, consumers wield the mighty power of the pen (or rather, keyboard). Product reviews on Amazon, business reviews on Yelp and accommodation reviews on Airbnb have strengthened the power of reviewers. Your voice gets to be heard by the public and business owners! And I think it's the perfect place to respectfully encourage sustainable practices that would make[...]


Low-Waste On-The-Go Kit: 9 Tools To Help You Reduce Waste

Sustainable travel packing list_Writing From Nowhere_Kayla Ihrig

Your low-waste lifestyle shouldn't halt as soon as you're on-the-go or traveling. With a few simple tools, you can easily remain low-waste on-the-go! In this blog post, I'm sharing my favorite 9 tools that help me reduce waste on-the-go. By gathering a few tools, you can create a low waste on-the-go kit that's affordable and effective at reducing your landfill contribution. An adde[...]


Quotes By Strong Women To Inspire Your Best Life

Decorative image with quote on it (quote is in text)

Step right up for a little wind your sales! These quotes by strong women will give you a boost as your stare down the barrel of making big changes in your life. This is a bit different from the normal remote work and online business content I share here on Writing From Nowhere, but it reiterates a vital reminder: Mindset is the most powerful asset you have as you try to change yo[...]


Sustainable Travel Packing List: 27 Things To Pack

Sustainable travel packing list_Writing From Nowhere

My personal motto is enjoy the world, and be nice to it. This sustainable travel packing list will help you do just that! Pack these 27 items to minimize your landfill contribution as much as possible as you're off exploring. Short-Term Sustainable Travel Packing List Toiletries 1. Solid deodorant There's an abundance of low-waste deodorant options, including creams[...]


Host A Sustainable Cookout: 13 Ways To Waste Less

Writing From Nowhere_Sustainable Living and Travel

Sweet, sweet summertime! Time to fire up the grill, gather round the firepit and enjoy a sustainable cookout. Are you ATTENDING a cookout instead of hosting one? This blog post is for you: how to reduce your waste attending a cookout. Having a more sustainable cookout is simple (and cheap!) with these 12 tips. The motto you need to take your cookout from ocean-polluting to eco-[...]


Reducing Waste at Cookouts: Your Low-Waste Cookout Packing List

Hip-hip, hooray! Summer is finally upon us. I can already smell the pool chlorine, soy hot dogs on the grill and sparkler smoke. The missing ingredient to your best summer yet: this low-waste cookout packing list. Summer for me means { vegetarian } BBQs and being out on the water. Pennsylvania, USA 2018 These low-waste cookout tips can dramatically reduce your footprint, and even b[...]


Low-Waste Cleaning Tools That Cover Your Whole Home

Whether you like it or love it, cleaning is a part of your life. Personally, I love cleaning (don't burn me! I'm not a witch). I think you'll love cleaning a little more too with these low-waste cleaning tools. What criteria make these low-waste cleaning tools so special? As a big cleaning fan, but I don't recommend just anything. There's very strict criteria for a cleaning prod[...]

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