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2 Zero Waste Fridge Options

Refrigerator alternatives aren't mainstream in American homes. I struggle to think of one person I know who doesn't have a full-sized refrigerator, even if they live alone and it's half empty.  And I've done the exact same thing: lived in a studio apartment with a big, mostly empty fridge. I never questioned it, because it seemed like an inevitable part of the household. I was just gr[...]


Your #1 Staycation Tip

The #1 Staycation Tip_Writing From Nowhere

As a kid, hearing the word "staycation" sounded a lot like "not the beach." But now I love the idea of a week at home, and with these staycation tips, it's impossible to not see something new about where you live. The Perks of Taking a Staycation  It's true that a staycation can be a great budget vacation, but it's not all compromise. There are unique benefits to taking[...]


My Low-Waste Offbeat Wedding

How To Plan A Low-Waste Offbeat Wedding by Writing From Nowhere In one week, I say "I do!" And I keep getting the same questions over and over: "Arentt you super busy?""Is everything done?" "Are you worried about finishing everything?" Simply put: nope! There's no big-ticket dress, personalized cocktails or matching shoes. No craziness and (stress) tears. And this isn't becaus[...]


Outside Hour: Happy Hour Alternative

Does the bar scene ever have you wishing that there was a happy hour alternative? Maybe something that didn't consistently cost money and revolve around alcohol? This feeling plagued me when I moved to a new city where I didn't know anyone. I wanted to socialize after work, but it was breaking the bank. I had contests with myself to see how long I could make a beer last. Happy ho[...]


EcoEgg Review From A Laundry Lover

EcoEgg Review_Writing From Nowhere_Sustainable Living

There have been many new products, techniques and hacks I've tried on my conscious-living journey. There's been the good, bad and stupid, but a few rise above as game-changers that have become a permanent part of my life. The laundry soap product EcoEgg is one of those, which has prompted me to write this EcoEgg review.   Pause now and pin this so you can find it later! If[...]


How To Remove Deodorant Stains From Shirts: Capsule Wardrobe Hack!

Removing armpit stains from colored clothing_Writing From Nowhere_sustainable living and travel

Your favorite clothes protect you, give you confidence and make you like yourself. Show them some love! Don't let them get dingy with sweat stains. In this blog post, I'll show you the easiest capsule wardrobe hack: how to remove deodorant stains from shirts so your clothes can look good forever. Prefer to watch instead of read? Here's a YouTube video showing you how to remove deodora[...]


Altered Nozzle Review: Saving Money & Cutting Water Usage By 98%?

Altered Nozzle_Writing From Nowhere_Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Not all waste goes into the trash can. Some waste, and money, goes down the drain (literally). Cutting water waste in my home starts at the bathroom faucet with the water-saving nozzle attachment Altered Nozzle. UPDATE: I no longer recommend the Altered Nozzle. The first nozzle fell off of my faucet, and the company kindly sent me a replacement. The second suffered the exact same fate[...]


6 Sustainable Laundry Ideas That Will Save You Money In The Whole House

Sustainable Laundry Routine_Writing From Nowhere

Sustainable laundry may sound like an oxymoron. The plastic bottles, chemicals and water usage may be standard, but they're not necessary for your laundry routine! A non-sustainable laundry routine is taxing on resources - namely, your time and money Fresh clean towels, a closet full of clothes to wear, an empty hamper - the effects of doing laundry are so satisfying yet it's still[...]


5 Ideas For A More Sustainable Hotel Stay

Sustainable travel_sustainable hotel stay_Writing From Nowhere

A hotel filled with dozens of rooms has an ENORMOUS footprint for a single night. Over the course of a year, that waste accumulation can be massive. It's important as conscious travelers to make changes to have a more sustainable hotel stay.  Ideally, the hotel would take responsibility for it's impact. Until that happens, as travelers we will do our bit to leave a smaller impact[...]


Free Book Exchange: How To Organize A Community Book Swap

Free book exchange, community building and reducing waste - does an event get any better than that?! A community book swap is a fantastic community event to attend and takes very little manpower to organize. My lovely little city, Groningen, Netherlands, has a monthly community book swap that I inherited from a friend. I offered to take over when she became too busy and was shocked at[...]

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