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Backpacking Security: How To Avoid Theft While Traveling

When you're on the road, backpacking security is everything. With these travel safety tips, you can rest easy knowing your bags are less likely to be stolen.  I've lost a lost of sleeping wondering if my bags are going to disappear out from under me. Many nights have been squandered sleeping on crowded buses or in terminals. After losing too many hours of sleep, I've establish[...]


Capsule Wardrobe Upkeep: Make Clothes Last

Capsule wardrobe upkeep_Writing From Nowhere

Your clothes take care of you, so you should take care of them. These 6 capsule wardrobe upkeep steps are a part of a healthy closet (and a less wasteful closet!).  Complete these 6 capsule wardrobe upkeep tasks at their given frequency to make your clothes last longer. Pause now to pin so you can find this later! What's the deal with clothes anyway? Cue the ba, ba-d[...]


Sustainable Money-Saving Items Index

These sustainable money-saving items will reduce waste in your home and spend less. There's a misconception that sustainable living is expensive, and these 60+ items are here to debunk that belief and help make positive change accessible to you.  Having a more sustainable home won't just reduce your carbon footprint and save you money - I really believe that your life will be bett[...]


Unique Eco-Friendly Gifts This Year

eco-friendly gift ideas_Sugru review_Writing From Nowhere

I'm proud of you: you know that your purchases and daily choices have an impact on the environment, and you want to make better purchasing decisions. This eco-friendly gifts list is just the place for you. There's a massive uptick in waste during the holiday season. An estimated 25 percent more waste occurs in American households between Thanksgiving and New Years. These eco-frien[...]


Low-Waste Autumn Cleaning Checklist

Autumn is the best time of year. Who else is with me?? Do sweaters, apple cider and crisp leaves make your heart sing too? It may be the end of summer, but I see autumn as a time for beginnings and making new habits. I keep my home in tune with this autumn cleaning checklist. There are some undeniable less favorable traits of autumn. Sunlight lessens by the day, temperatures drop, and[...]


5 Low-Waste Party Tips

low-waste party_raffia for gift wrapping_Writing From Nowhere

These low-waste party tips will keep the good times going, without as much garbage. I'm a big believer in celebrating. And with these low-waste party tips, it's easy, cheap and environmentally-conscious to party! What's there not to like?! 5 Low-Waste Party Tips 1. Skip the balloons - instead, buy a banner Balloons may add ambiance to a room, but they also wreak havoc o[...]


Gifts For Someone Going Traveling

These practical gifts for someone going traveling are some of the most valuable items you can pack for a trip. If you're new to the packing cubes club, your life is about to change.  Packing cubes do 2 major things for travelers: they create more space in your bag, and they keep things organized.  How packing cubes create more space: You place (or stuff) your clothes in[...]


2 Zero Waste Fridge Options

Refrigerator alternatives aren't mainstream in American homes. I struggle to think of one person I know who doesn't have a full-sized refrigerator, even if they live alone and it's half empty.  And I've done the exact same thing: lived in a studio apartment with a big, mostly empty fridge. I never questioned it, because it seemed like an inevitable part of the household. I was just gr[...]


Your #1 Staycation Tip

The #1 Staycation Tip_Writing From Nowhere

As a kid, hearing the word "staycation" sounded a lot like "not the beach." But now I love the idea of a week at home, and with these staycation tips, it's impossible to not see something new about where you live. The Perks of Taking a Staycation  It's true that a staycation can be a great budget vacation, but it's not all compromise. There are unique benefits to taking[...]

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