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Who Is Kayla Of Writing From Nowhere?

"You're living in a dream world, sweetheart." Was that supposed to be an insult? A male Karen hurled that at me over a bag of trail mix, as I shared that I was on a search for fulfillment. The precise sentiment that sparked this retort, oddly enough, was me saying that I wanted a pet goat and a couple of chickens. Given that both goats and chickens do in fact exist, I'm not sure which[...]


My Blogging Story And Advice For You

Kayla Ihrig standing with a bicycle in the middle of the road

In the 3 years that this blog has existed, I’ve never really addressed its existence. I was so afraid of being mistaken for the “online diary” blogging stereotype that I haven’t shared a single post specifically about myself or this blog’s purpose. An explanation could’ve really helped, too, because the content has zigzagged across the map!  In the beginning, I wrote a[...]


Just In Case Travel Kit List (19 Essentials)

A woman (the author of this blog) sits in front of a map, looking at a passport and vomit bag in her hand

Most of the *ultimate travel packing lists* focus on the fun parts of travel. The bags, the gear; the stuff that’s exciting to think about and buy. This travel kit list is full of the other stuff you need to take traveling. Consider this your just in case travel kit that everyone hopes they won’t ever need.  But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Whether you’re backpack[...]


Sustainable Travel Packing List: 27 Things To Pack

My personal motto is "enjoy the world, and be nice to it." This sustainable travel packing list will help you do just that! Pack these 27 items to minimize your landfill contribution as much as possible as you're exploring. Since not every trip will be the same, there's no one-size-fits-all sustainable travel packing list. These packing items are clustered under two different umbrella[...]


Travel Wellness Kit: How To Take Care Of Yourself On The Road

A woman stands with her back to the camera, wrapped in a blanket. There is a bright red sunset over mountains in the background

Traveling becomes uncomfortable, expensive and loses its shine when you are unwell on the road. This travel wellness kit will help minimize all of these discomforts and inconveniences so you can focus on being in the moment and enjoying your time in this special destination. Staying well while traveling is always important, but it's even more paramount when you are a digital nomad or[...]


Sustainable Gift Ideas For Seriously Anyone

Pocket-sized Stasher bag holding doTERRA essential oils with a blurry house plant in the foreground

You're interested in reducing your impact on the environment - I can tell, because you're here! At Writing From Nowhere, looking for sustainable gift ideas. Welcome, friend. But I reckon that not everyone in your life shares our interest in reducing their landfill contribution. A bidet and composter may not be the home-run gift for your sibling that it would be for you. That's[...]


Paste This Into Your Next Review To Encourage Sustainable Practices

Whether they realize it or not, consumers wield the mighty power of the pen (or rather, keyboard). Product reviews on Amazon, business reviews on Yelp and accommodation reviews on Airbnb have strengthened the power of reviewers. Your voice gets to be heard by the public and business owners! And I think it's the perfect place to respectfully encourage sustainable practices that would make[...]


Low-Waste On-The-Go Kit: 9 Tools To Help You Reduce Waste

Sustainable travel packing list_Writing From Nowhere_Kayla Ihrig

Your low-waste lifestyle shouldn't halt as soon as you're on-the-go or traveling. With a few simple tools, you can easily remain low-waste on-the-go! In this blog post, I'm sharing my favorite 9 tools that help me reduce waste on-the-go. By gathering a few tools, you can create a low waste on-the-go kit that's affordable and effective at reducing your landfill contribution. An adde[...]


Host A Sustainable Cookout: 13 Ways To Waste Less

Writing From Nowhere_Sustainable Living and Travel

Sweet, sweet summertime! Time to fire up the grill, gather round the firepit and enjoy a sustainable cookout. Are you ATTENDING a cookout instead of hosting one? This blog post is for you: how to reduce your waste attending a cookout. Having a more sustainable cookout is simple (and cheap!) with these 12 tips. The motto you need to take your cookout from ocean-polluting to eco-frie[...]


Reducing Waste at Cookouts: Your Low-Waste Cookout Packing List

Hip-hip, hooray! Summer is finally upon us. I can already smell the pool chlorine, soy hot dogs on the grill and sparkler smoke. The missing ingredient to your best summer yet: this low-waste cookout packing list. Summer for me means { vegetarian } BBQs and being out on the water. Pennsylvania, USA 2018 These low-waste cookout tips can dramatically reduce your footprint, and even b[...]

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