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  • Job Vs Business: Don’t Peace Out Yet

    A woman sitting on a chair in shorts working on her laptop with a notebook open and a cup of coffee

    It seems that in the job vs business debate, there’s one group that’s a lot louder than everyone else. I’m talking about the group that tells you to just go for it, just walk into your boss’s office, quit on the spot, and walk out into the sun with your head held high. Fist pump, fire emoji. They […]

  • Who Is Kayla Of Writing From Nowhere?

    “You’re living in a dream world, sweetheart.” Was that supposed to be an insult? A male Karen hurled that at me over a bag of trail mix, as I shared that I was on a search for fulfillment. The precise sentiment that sparked this retort, oddly enough, was me saying that I wanted a pet […]

  • My Blogging Story And Advice For You

    Kayla Ihrig standing with a bicycle in the middle of the road

    In the 3 years that this blog has existed, I’ve never really addressed its existence. I was so afraid of being mistaken for the “online diary” blogging stereotype that I haven’t shared a single post specifically about myself or this blog’s purpose. An explanation could’ve really helped, too, because the content has zigzagged across the […]