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This Is The Fastest Way To Choose A Great Domain Name

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For many new bloggers, the process of choosing a domain name is a quick one: they decide they want to start a blog, watch a flurry of tutorials and pull the trigger buying their domain before they lose momentum.  But choosing a great domain name is a key step in creating a successful business, and deserves to be well thought out. It can even be the difference between a memorable a[...]


How To Outrank Your Competitors On Google 

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Every blogger wants to look at Google and see that their recent post is thriving, getting the limelight that it deserves. This dream to outrank your competitors on Google isn’t a pipe dream, my friend!  It’s a strategic approach to writing content. Today, I will show you how you can find your competitors' keywords and then write content that search engines interpret as BET[...]


Why Start A Blog In 2023

Why start a blog in 2023? Isn’t blogging dead? Even though it's a popular question, the answer is a resounding NO, Every day, a huge number of new blog posts are published. 7.5 million to be precise. Blogs are as alive, if not more, than they were a decade ago. Whether it’s writing about something you care about, sharing your passion or journaling your experience, any reason wi[...]


How to Build The Know Like Trust Factor Through Blogging

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People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Sounds familiar, right? You've probably come across this principle on your blogging journey before. It’s not hard to see that the idea works. I mean, don't you prefer getting a haircut from someone you know? Wouldn’t you wait a few days if necessary rather than have it cut by someone new? The know, like, trust principle is just[...]


How To Make A Blog Post Outline To Write Faster & Better

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Writing a blog post outline before you start writing makes your content better, more focused, and easier to write. Sounds too good to be true? Then think again! A basic misconception about blogging is that bloggers just sit down and, struck by inspiration, feverishly write down their thoughts, then spend the rest of the day enjoying life (*heavenly harp strings play in the background*)[...]


A Guide To Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Thanks to social media, affiliate marketing is more popular than ever. You’ve likely been on the receiving end many times, but still might feel unclear on how affiliate marketing for beginners actually works.  We see them all the time on Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok: influencers promoting links that give customers discounts and the influencers rewards. How many times have you[...]


7 Keys To Writing Catchy Titles That Get You More Traffic

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It’s expected that bloggers do keyword research before writing their blog posts. But, how much time are they spending researching and brainstorming blog post titles? Be honest: do you intentionally invest at least 10 minutes in creating catchy titles for your blog posts, or are headlines a bit of an afterthought?  Surely the answer to that question is looking back at you in the[...]


How To Format Your Blog Posts So People Actually Read

Picture this: a reader arrives on your blog post. The mood is right, the music swells, you’re saying all the right things, and they read your post its entirety. That’s what we’re all looking for, isn’t it?! We don’t want a cheap quickie where readers skim the first two paragraphs and leave. We want romance, dammit. But it doesn’t happen on its own. Keeping readers on the page[...]


How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

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Why are we here? Where did we come from? Will we end up in the same place as our cats when we go? And, how does SEO *really* work? For many online business owners, the inner workings of SEO truly belong in the category of similar questions that science is yet unable to answer. You may be overwhelmed and tempted to add “learn SEO” to your future to-dos list, but some simple statist[...]

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