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  • AmeriCorps Review: Is AmeriCorps Worth It?

    Is AmeriCorps worth it_Seattle 2016_Kayla Ihrig_Writing From Nowhere

    Community service, traveling, working for a mission instead of for money – AmeriCorps sounds amazing on paper! But I reckon you’re reading this and wondering: is AmeriCorps worth it, low stipend and all? This AmeriCorps review will help you figure out if AmeriCorps is worth it for you. Choosing to commit to a term of […]

  • Overnight Train And Bus Packing List (You’ll Be More Comfortable)


    Before my first overnight train and bus trip, I was told horrific stories about thieving crackheads and gropers. These stories might have well been sung to me from Rapunzel’s mother in Tangled. Ruffians, thugs, poison ivy, quicksand! It felt inevitable that these were exaggerations, but what’s a 19-year-old to think? I saw every bus and […]