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  • Having Pinterest Problems? Here’s How To Troubleshoot

    Mo’ pins, mo’ problems, amiright? As a fellow creator, I’m here to commiserate with you. And as a Pinterest manager, I’m here to give you my Pinterest troubleshooting playbook.  Why is Pinterest not working? Why can’t I join Pinterest? Why does my Pinterest keep glitching? Or my personal favorite, what is wrong with pinterest lately? […]

  • Every Which Way Creators Can Contact Pinterest Support

    If you’re trying to contact Pinterest support and you’re hearing crickets, you’re not alone. A different creator is banging on Pinterest’s door every second of every day, and it can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated.  Don’t fall into a total pit of despair (yet): you have options.  First things first: this Pinterest contact information […]

  • Pinterest SEO Checklist (From A Pinterest Manager)

    A woman is sitting in a chair typing at her laptop

    SEO for Pinterest isn’t as mysterious as it sounds. Truth be told, it’s actually a lot friendlier than SEO for Google, but many accounts miss the mark completely whenever it comes to the basics of Pinterest SEO.  Then, they waste their time publishing pins that stand no chance of reaching the masses in search results […]