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  • Audit Your Pinterest Account And Strategy Like A Pro

    If you’re using Pinterest for marketing, then it’s probably time for a Pinterest audit. How can I be so sure? Because Pinterest changes constantly. You just wake up one day and there’s a new setting or profile section and your account is suddenly out of date. womp-womp  It even happens to me – a Pinterest […]

  • Having Pinterest Problems? Here’s How To Troubleshoot

    Mo’ pins, mo’ problems, amiright? As a fellow creator, I’m here to commiserate with you. And as a Pinterest manager, I’m here to give you my Pinterest troubleshooting playbook.  Why is Pinterest not working? Why can’t I join Pinterest? Why does my Pinterest keep glitching? Or my personal favorite, what is wrong with pinterest lately? […]

  • Every Which Way Creators Can Contact Pinterest Support

    If you’re trying to contact Pinterest support and you’re hearing crickets, you’re not alone. A different creator is banging on Pinterest’s door every second of every day, and it can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated.  Don’t fall into a total pit of despair (yet): you have options.  First things first: this Pinterest contact information […]