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  • Lazy Backburner Pinterest Marketing Strategy

    A woman sits on a bed with her laptop, phone and notebook looking very busy

    This one’s for you – the student in the back of the class who wants to raise their and ask “what’s the least time-consuming way to do Pinterest?”  I see you. And you’re actually really smart.  Even if you don’t have time to commit to an entire Pinterest strategy, brands *must* set up a backburner […]

  • Disadvantages Of Pinterest That May Just Deter You

    Hands typing on a keyboard with the Pinterest icon on the screen

    Pinterest is not all tattoo ideas and sunshine. There are major headaches, speed bumps and disadvantages of Pinterest that all creators encounter.  Should these disadvantages deter you from even TRYING to build your brand on Pinterest?  Maybe.  I’ll show you the lay of the land, and you can be the judge of that.  I’ve been […]

  • Audit Your Pinterest Account And Strategy Like A Pro

    If you’re using Pinterest for marketing, then it’s probably time for a Pinterest audit. How can I be so sure? Because Pinterest changes constantly. You just wake up one day and there’s a new setting or profile section and your account is suddenly out of date. womp-womp  It even happens to me – a Pinterest […]