How To Go Viral On Pinterest (20+ Tips)

Wondering how to go viral on Pinterest? Going viral on Pinterest won’t generate all of the sales, followers and brand exposure of your dreams overnight, but it can be a great way to skyrocket your account and build a solid foundation from which to market from.  I've gone viral on Pinterest several times. My account regularly reaches 2 million viewers every month, plus I’m a Pi[...]


This Is The Fastest Way To Choose A Great Domain Name

A laptop sitting on a table with beautiful mountain scenery behind it.

For many new bloggers, the process of choosing a domain name is a quick one: they decide they want to start a blog, watch a flurry of tutorials and pull the trigger buying their domain before they lose momentum.  But choosing a great domain name is a key step in creating a successful business, and deserves to be well thought out. It can even be the difference between a memorable a[...]


How To Use Pinterest’s Visual Ranking Factors To Your Advantage

Glasses sitting on a notebook with a blurry laptop in the background

How your pins look determines how they’re distributed on Pinterest and how they rank in search results.  Most marketers are nodding their heads, like of course only the shiniest-looking pins rise to the top, but there’s something much more specific at play here.  The color, style and text on your pin *directly* influence which pins get placed in search results on Pinte[...]


Pin Inspector Review & Beginner’s Guide

Everyone and their mother is recommending Pin Inspector for Pinterest marketing, but is this a tool you'll ACTUALLY use? In this Pin Inspector review and beginner's guide, I’ll show you exactly what you get with a purchase of this popular keyword tool so you can decide if it's the right investment for your Pinterest marketing and strategy. No one wants to waste their time getting att[...]


100+ Pinterest Idea Pins Examples To Inspire You

collage of different Pinterest idea pin examples

The content creator world is buzzing about idea pins (previously called story pins). For inspiration, ideas and interesting takes on this feature, look no further than this ultimate list of Pinterest idea pins examples.  Every creator can use idea pins, whether you’re selling products, services, building brand awareness or strategically repurposing social media content. Get[...]


Should You Try Pinterest TV? FAQs Answered

Picture of a phone on a tripod filming a video

Pinterest TV. If you’re thinking, what even IS that, you’re not alone.  It's the latest in a stream of somewhat confusing new features that leaves creators wondering “were users actually asking for this?”  Does that mean that we’re going to sit back and let the feature sit gather dust though? Heck no!  This is your sign to get off the sidelines and a[...]


Lazy Backburner Pinterest Marketing Strategy

A woman sits on a bed with her laptop, phone and notebook looking very busy

This one’s for you - the student in the back of the class who wants to raise their and ask “what’s the least time-consuming way to do Pinterest?”  I see you. And you’re actually really smart.  Even if you don’t have time to commit to an entire Pinterest strategy, brands *must* set up a backburner Pinterest strategy to capture passive leads.  Why? Becaus[...]

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