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  • How To Set Up A Winning Pinterest Account

    Woman sitting on the floor on her laptop working

    When did you set up your Pinterest account? Did you know what you were doing? At the time, did you understand all of the opportunities to optimize your Pinterest account for search discoverability?  For a lot of creators on Pinterest, the answers to those questions are “years ago, and I had no idea what I […]

  • Digital Nomad Inspiration To Help You To Take The Leap

    There’s a phenomenal hitch in time that you’ve brushed up against in your life: it’s the feeling that every experience takes longer the first time you encounter it. Time slows down on your first day driving to a new job, or shopping in a new grocery store. The second pass at each of these tasks […]

  • How To Go Viral On Pinterest (20+ Tips)

    Wondering how to go viral on Pinterest? Going viral on Pinterest won’t generate all of the sales, followers and brand exposure of your dreams overnight, but it can be a great way to skyrocket your account and build a solid foundation from which to market from.  I’ve gone viral on Pinterest several times. My account […]