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Pin Inspector Review & Beginner’s Guide

Everyone and their mother is recommending Pin Inspector for Pinterest marketing, but is this a tool you'll ACTUALLY use? In this Pin Inspector review and beginner's guide, I’ll show you exactly what you get with a purchase of this popular keyword tool so you can decide if it's the right investment for your Pinterest marketing and strategy. No one wants to waste their time getting att[...]


How To Outrank Your Competitors On Google 

Woman on laptop

Every blogger wants to look at Google and see that their recent post is thriving, getting the limelight that it deserves. This dream to outrank your competitors on Google isn’t a pipe dream, my friend!  It’s a strategic approach to writing content. Today, I will show you how you can find your competitors' keywords and then write content that search engines interpret as BET[...]


Why Start A Blog In 2023

Why start a blog in 2023? Isn’t blogging dead? Even though it's a popular question, the answer is a resounding NO, Every day, a huge number of new blog posts are published. 7.5 million to be precise. Blogs are as alive, if not more, than they were a decade ago. Whether it’s writing about something you care about, sharing your passion or journaling your experience, any reason wi[...]


How to Build The Know Like Trust Factor Through Blogging

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People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Sounds familiar, right? You've probably come across this principle on your blogging journey before. It’s not hard to see that the idea works. I mean, don't you prefer getting a haircut from someone you know? Wouldn’t you wait a few days if necessary rather than have it cut by someone new? The know, like, trust principle is just[...]


How To Make A Blog Post Outline To Write Faster & Better

Notebook with hand holding pen writing

Writing a blog post outline before you start writing makes your content better, more focused, and easier to write. Sounds too good to be true? Then think again! A basic misconception about blogging is that bloggers just sit down and, struck by inspiration, feverishly write down their thoughts, then spend the rest of the day enjoying life (*heavenly harp strings play in the background*)[...]


How To Plan Your First Workation

A workation... isn’t that just taking your work with you on those precious days off?? Not if you do it correctly. Yes, it technically is just a working vacation, but it's more profound than that. Instead of logging in from your home computer, you can login from somewhere warm. Somewhere beautiful. Or at least, somewhere different. Doesn't sound too shabby, does it? We might[...]


Job Vs Business: Don’t Peace Out Yet

A woman sitting on a chair in shorts working on her laptop with a notebook open and a cup of coffee

It seems that in the job vs business debate, there's one group that’s a lot louder than everyone else. I’m talking about the group that tells you to just go for it, just walk into your boss’s office, quit on the spot, and walk out into the sun with your head held high. Fist pump, fire emoji. They tell you that a life of fulfillment is waiting for you on the other side...[...]


What You Need To Know About Insurance For Remote Workers

An older woman sitting on a yellow couch typing on her laptop

As a remote worker, you work away from a central office. Working from anywhere - the dream! Whether that dream manifests at your kitchen table, at a public library or a hostel in Vietnam, remote workers without a doubt have incredible autonomy. But, that doesn’t mean you get to leave every headache behind at the office. You still have administrative tasks in your life, one of which is r[...]


7 Keys To Writing Catchy Titles That Get You More Traffic

Laptop with notebook on bed next to a cup of coffee

It’s expected that bloggers do keyword research before writing their blog posts. But, how much time are they spending researching and brainstorming blog post titles? Be honest: do you intentionally invest at least 10 minutes in creating catchy titles for your blog posts, or are headlines a bit of an afterthought?  Surely the answer to that question is looking back at you in the[...]


How To Design An Email Nurture Sequence In 6 Steps

Woman sitting at her laptop drinking coffee and thinking

Having a good email nurture sequence makes our lives as creators easier. With a good nurture sequence, you can build a returning audience and eventually turn that audience into customers. However, designing one is also one of those tasks that many of us actively dislike or at least find confusing. How long has it been sitting on your to-do list?  When you started blogging, either[...]

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