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7 Keys To Writing Catchy Titles That Get You More Traffic

It’s expected that bloggers do keyword research before writing their blog posts. But, how much time are they spending researching and brainstorming blog post titles? Be honest: do you intentionally invest at least 10 minutes in creating catchy titles for your blog posts, or are headlines a bit of an afterthought?  Surely the answer to that question is looking back at you in the[...]


How To Design An Email Nurture Sequence In 6 Steps

Having a good email nurture sequence makes our lives as creators easier. With a good nurture sequence, you can build a returning audience and eventually turn that audience into customers. However, designing one is also one of those tasks that many of us actively dislike or at least find confusing. How long has it been sitting on your to-do list?  When you started blogging, either[...]


Importance Of Work-Life balance And How To Achieve It

Let's face it: the importance of work-life balance has never been clearer. More and more people are experiencing burnout or feeling crush by their huge list of daily tasks. One of the challenges we all face as new entrepreneurs is making sure our new found passion/job does not overwhelm us. For many of us, the idea of setting our own working hours was one of the initial reasons to sta[...]


How To Change Your Life Today W/ An Abundance Mindset

View from the passenger seat of a car at sunset. Bright red colors of sunset outline mountains and steering wheel of car, giving feeling of adventure.

When it comes to getting what you want out of life, the old adage "your mindset determines your reality" rings endlessly true. Having an abundance mindset drastically changes the way you experience life, entrepreneurship and your pursuit of all of your dreams. Your mindset will determine your approach to your goals, helps you handle setbacks and influence your overall happiness. Being[...]


How To Get Back To Enjoying The Journey As An Entrepreneur

A woman sits on a ledge, facing away from the camera at sunset. There is a beer next to her. She looks thoughtful

Today I have a heavy question for you. A question for those who have decided to strike out on their own and start their own business; AKA, embarking on the journey of a lifetime. After months or years of hustling, are you still enjoying the journey? Starting your online career generally comes with an initial feeling of euphoria. Pop some bubbly and tell everyone! Thank you for my recei[...]


Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset: Your Make-Or-Break Approach

A woman sits in a hammock looking off into the distance. There are palm trees blurred in the foreground.

Almost every single silver-bullet promise or secret ingredient to life and entrepreneurship are false hopes. Now that that's out in the open, let me just say that a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset is one of those mermaid exceptions. Having a growth mindset is essential for budding entrepreneurs. While building your business, it will seem like practically every day you are confronted[...]


Escape The Rat Race – Where Do You Even Begin?

Look to your right: what's riding shotgun, telling you where to turn in life? Is it the pursuit of fulfillment, exploring passions, faith, relationships, what brings you joy? Or, is it a job that you'd happily leave tomorrow? If you're nodding along to the latter, then it may be time to start plotting your course to escape the rat race. The rat race isn't any particular type of job:[...]


Keysearch 101: How To Use Keysearch For Beginners

A Black woman lays on a bed with a small dog next to her. She is on her laptop, and her room is full of houseplants.

The early days of starting an online business are spent largely down the Google rabbit hole, desperately trying to get your footing on what needs to be figured out now, what tools need to be paid for and what can wait for later. Rest assured: keyword research is *not* something that can wait for later for an online business, and Keysearch is one of the most important tools you'll purchase[...]


Done For Today: Your Single Most Powerful Productivity Tool

A woman sits at the front of a wooden boat, looking joyful, smiling at the camera with her arms stretched out to both sides. Behind her are tree-covered rock formations bursting out of the ocean.

The early days of self-employment and remote work come with many learning curves. One of the most surprising and difficult to resolve is answering the question: when am I done for today? Finding and maintaining boundaries with your answer isn't just important for productivity, but frankly, your ability to grow beyond the beginning stages as an entrepreneur hinges on it. More peopl[...]

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